Prenatal Chiropractor Speeds up Labor and Reduces Painful Labor

<prenatalchiropractorEven though this is a sponsored post, all of my opinions and bad jokes are my own.

Last year when Jen, from the blog
People I Want to Punch in the Throat, and I were hosting a book signing in Kansas City; I met the sunshiniest gal. Not only did this human light source make me feel better while briefly talking to her, but she told me about her job, where she can daily provide support and understanding for her patients.

PLUS, her name is Dr. Shine!! Coincidence? I think.not.

Dr. Kezia Shine, is a prenatal and womens’ health Chiropractor. As a registered nurse, I was surprised I had never heard of this specialty. However, there are several other practices in KC who do the same thing. I can only assume they don’t provide as much love and sincerity as this gal.

Align, Chiropractic Care for Babies and Mommies, was established in 2010 by Dr. Shine. This was immediately after she graduated from chiropractic school.

Prior to this career, this charismatic woman struggled to find her calling. (I sure can’t relate to this, since I change my career every ten years!) She was doing outside corporate sales and “selling pagers when pagers were cool.” But this work wasn’t satisfying.

Then she experienced the event which forever changed her life: a drunk driver hit her vehicle, causing her to fracture her pelvis. I’ve always believed that monumental changes and clarity in a person’s life came out of tragedy.

Now her practice is thriving. She partners with Dr. Brandi, who is a pediatric Chiropractor, specializing in neurosensory disorders like ADD, autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, slow developers, and kids with food sensitivities.

When I spoke with her recently, I asked Dr. Shine what her favorite part of her job was. She didn’t hesitate to say, “Hanging out with the moms. I feel like I’m giving them the VIP treatment. So many of them are emotional due to their pain, but I leave every day feeling fulfilled that I’m helping people.”

No wonder she’s so joyful. Her job sounds incredibly rewarding!

The doctor said that it is common practice for many pediatric chiropractors to treat three times a week. But she doesn’t feel this is good practice.

“Typically I see the moms following their OB appointments,” she said. “A normal appointment is 20 minutes, where I work on tissue and ligament exercises.”

Apparently, she can help the moms have “super fast labor” where their “pain is decreased. She also helps these women relieve sciatic pain and constipation and claims she can help women with infertility.

So if you are a pregnant woman or know of any woman, struggling with any of these issues, you should consider coming to her practice. I can’t promise that all of your problems will be fixed, but one thing I know is you will get tender-loving care, a good listener and a strong shoulder to cry on.

Check out Align on their website and on Facebook.

Have you ever gone to a chiropractor and/or would you consider going when you were pregnant? Also, what are your thoughts on pediatric adjustments? I’d love to discuss this!

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Milk anything? Udderly impossible!

THE KANSAS CITY STAR (July 12, 2014)

Summertime is a perfect time to chat with friends at the pool while your children work off some energy by sending waves into each other’s faces.

Mom topics are diverse, but when someone asked, “Can anything with nipples be milked?” some serious research was in order.

As a nurse, lactation is something I have studied and experienced first hand, but never had this question come up. So when choosing another adventure for my goofy Bucket List, I decided to prove my hypothesis: Only females can produce nourishment via milking.

Don’t worry, I didn’t poll scantily clad sun worshippers at the pool. That would be tacky. Instead I called our local goat farm, Landeria Farm, and asked if I could participate in their morning milking.

Driving my minivan down the gravel back roads of the countryside, I realized I was out of my element. I approached the milking barn wearing floral rain boots and a matching apron. No pearls for me that humid morning. It would have been ostentatious. Plus, I feared anything shiny around my neck.

Kathy and her daughter Rachel welcomed me, then educated me on all things goatish. After hearing of the two 2-old kids (babies) in the next barn, I asked Rachel to give me a peek.

The darling twins were much bigger than I had imagined. The kids’ mother, Thelma — of the goat sister duo Thelma and Louise — allowed me to hold each kid. I assumed all mamas were protective of their babies, so this was a pleasant surprise since I predicted a butt to my…rear.

Oh, clutch my pearls, this kid is cute!!

Oh, clutch my pearls, this kid is cute!!

Next, it was milking time. The 85 goats wait patiently in the holding cell. And by patiently I mean they bleated, snorted and jumped like a popcorn machine with the lid off. Twelve horned goats were ushered onto a platform and gently secured to a feeding trough. This is how they trick them into holding still for the milking. I had visions of the same apparatus rigged to my dinner table to keep my forever dancing munchkins in their seats through a meal. However, the Division of Family Services would surely veto that.


First the workers offer appetizers of apples, leftover fortune cookies, or something resembling Werther’s Original Caramels.

“You can feed a piece of the cookie to each goat,” said Rachel.

“Goats have teeth, right?” I asked, hoping for a demonstration so I wouldn’t lose any appendages.

After supplying the animals with food in their troughs and a sweet treat, I edged to the non-eating end — the end with kicking legs.

If I lose a tooth for this story, I’m going to be miffed.

I inched my way to the biggest udder on the platform. Hand-milking into a cup was going to be difficult. As a woman, perhaps I was sensitive to the amount of pressure required to express milk. Plus, my face was primed for potential hoof marks.

After several attempts, I asked, embarrassed, “Why isn’t it working?”

“You really have to pinch it off and then squeeze,” said Kathy, the owner.

After recovering from my internal shuddering and readjusting of my brassiere, I grabbed on tight, winced and then successfully squirted into the can.

Next Kathy wiped my victory smile off my face with, “Do you want to try some?”

Ex-squeeze me?

Noticing my confusion, she advised, “You squirt it in your mouth.”

I could barely squirt it into the can, so I was sure hitting my mouth would be an epic fail. But not wanting to be a ninny, I bucked up to face my fear and prayed I wouldn’t contract an intestinal infection.

I closed my eyes, aimed and squeezed like you are supposed to do with a fire extinguisher. The milk made direct impact with my upper lip and nose. Goat milk dripped down my mouth and chin, forming a goatee.

I felt like the new cover girl for the National Goat Cheese Lovers campaign. “Get a photo of my milk mustache!” I sputtered.

“Say, Cheese!” Click. Click! “Goat milk?”

Regretfully, I never discovered if my nipple hypothesis was correct. I will leave that research up to the professionals. I’m fairly sure the male goats would be utterly peeved.



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Are You Kidding Me? My Life With An Extremely Loud Family, Bathroom Calamities, and Crazy Relatives

Every two years, I am blessed to attend the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. At this conference I meet so many hilarious women (and a few gents) who temporarily strengthen my abs by making me laugh until I feel as if I’ve just completed a Zumba class. Minus the throbbing thighs and glutes.

At my first Erma conference in 2012, I briefly met another humor writer, Stacey Gustafson. Throughout my life I have only met a handful of Stacey’s with an “e-y,” so I knew immediately she was good people.

So when she asked that I share with you her new book coming out this fall I gladly agreed. Not only does it do another talented writer a favor, but you have the opportunity to know of another good book.

Granted I haven’t read it yet, but from following her blog called, Are You Kidding Me? I can assume it will be hilarious. I love the way Stacey describes family life. Luckily, her husband and 2 teenagers aren’t too upset by her venting her frustrations online. At least if they are, she isn’t stopping anytime soon; so be on the lookout for her kids’ vendetta book in future. It will be on the biography shelves next to my munchkins book titled “Nurse Mommy Dearest.”

Here is what people are saying about her upcoming book, which will be available in e-book and print versions:

Hop into your minivan and get ready to cruise through the crazies of Suburbia! Humorist Stacey Gustafson makes an entertaining tour guide in Are You Kidding Me?, a brash, voyeuristic peek inside the topsy-turvy world of suburban motherhood, midlife madness, and all points in between. If you’ve ever called SWAT on a neighbor, faked a heart attack in church, or pulled your hair out while questioning the sanity of your family, Stacey’s tongue-in-cheek brand of humor will resonate with you. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to fasten your seat belt.

Stacey isn’t a nubie in the comedy arena. Her previous work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, several Not Your Mother’s Books, Midlife Boulevard, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, Generation Fabulous, ZestNow, More Magazine, Pleasanton Patch, Lost in Suburbia, and Better After 50.

Look out for Stacey Gustafson’s book coming out the Fall of 2014. I’m pre-ordering my copy of “Are You Kidding Me? My Life With An Extremely Loud Family, Bathroom Calamities, and Crazy Relatives.” and waiting with baited breath.

And No! I don’t need a Tic-Tac, thank you very much!

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Mommy Marathon Takes this Nurse on Weeklong Sabbatical

As of tomorrow (Friday 7/11//14) I’m going to do a Mommy Marathon with my munchkins for about a week. They are going to get all of my attention as I take a hiatus from the keyboard. I like to do this at least once during the summer to bond with them, reboot my personal hard drive, and drink margaritas after they go to sleep. Plus, we always manage to come up with a LOT of new blog material!!

See you right back here on the 21st for the update on our Munchkin Adventures!!

Just in case you forget what I look like, here is a printable to put on your computer screen while I’m away…



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MUNCHKIN ROADS: Laser Tagging with a Celebrity

Brick Wall

Driving to play laser tag with another blogger and her kids, the munchkins want more details than I’m ready to share. It went a little bit like dis…

Munchkin #1: What is your friend’s blog name?
Me: (trying to merge onto the interstate) Honey, I’m kind of busy here.
M1: Her blog is famous, right? What’s it called?
Me: She has a new book coming out that she wrote. That’s exciting, right?
M1: MOM! What is her blog?!!!
Me: …..
M1: Mom.
Me: People I Want to Punch in the Throat
M1: And you want us to play with her kids?!!
Me: Her blog name is a joke. She doesn’t really punch people in the throat.
Munchkin #2: Yeah, but she WANTS to!
Me: But she wouldn’t ever do that. Her kids are really sweet too.
M1: Why would you punch someone in the throat?
Me: You wouldn’t. She writes about people doing mean things and it’s like saying, “I’d like to just scream at them!”
M2: You write about us on your blog, don’t ya Mama?
Me: Yes, I do!
Munchkin #1: So she writes about people she hates and you write about people you love?
Me: OK, fine. But I promise she won’t punch you, ‘kay?

Once we got to the laser tag building and the kids got past their shyness. And by shyness, I mean it took 1.35 minutes for them to start chatting incessantly like the over-sharing, fabulously funny, shortened versions of their mamas they are. You seriously would have thought these kids knew each other for years.

I won’t go into the details of our two laser tag games because it was dark and I didn’t really see much with all of those blasted lights flashing at me. It was like one of those war movies that wouldn’t be written because it would be a lighting nightmare. With the exception of Jen’s son, Gomer who wore neon shoe laces. His feet glowed like he had been jumping in puddles next to a nuclear testing site.

The looming question of did the Hatton’s laser punch the PIWTPITT family in the throat is one that will go with me to my grave. I don’t like to kiss and tell. OK, maybe I usually do – but would you want to piss off someone whose blog it titled that? Me either. Plus, it’s just a game, right?

Plus, Muchkin #1 said it best: “Mama you write about people you love.”

If you don’t know who Jen is, she is the publisher and co-author of I Just Want to Pee Alone and the sequel, I Just Want to BE Alone. I am lucky enough to be a co-author of both these incredible anthologies. It’s nice to be published, but I am more thankful for our friendship and her insight and direction in the blogging world.


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