Mom Gets a Makeover and the Kids Go Wild

I’ve been noticing my Munchkins (ages 7 and 8) commenting on my attire. I don’t know why they are just now paying attention to what I’m wearing because with the exceptions of wedding, funerals, and disco parties, literally I have been wearing the same outfit since 2005. "I know this, how?" you ask. "After all, you are aging and blonde..." Yes, that's an astute observation, but my daughters are obsessed with watching home videos of themselves as babies. It was cute at first. There was a lot ... [ Read More ]

6 Signs You are Shopping With Your Child

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Shopping with your child is the WORST For the past eight years I have struggled with taking my children grocery shopping. I love my girls, but their behavior in public is like getting stabbed in the ears with chopsticks. Their indoor voices aren’t their strong suit. In fact, for years I’ve tried everything to make sure they aren’t with me when I’m at the supermarket. I’ve even written about their behavior in a book I co-authored – but did that change them? Nope. If the kids are invited to ... [ Read More ]

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Eat Before Bed


If you missed the announcement last week, then I want you to know that Nurse Mommy Laughs is going through a bit of a change. I’m shaking things up to improve content and make the blog more entertaining. In addition to moi, there will be a team of women bloggers who write fabulous tales of being a parent, how to improve your health in today’s world, and experts on kids’ health and nutrition. Everyone of them is capable of making you laugh out loud, snort or cry. It’s a talented group and I ... [ Read More ]

Rebooting my Brain is first on Spring Cleaning List


Rebooting my Brain Necessary for Busy Parents (Stacey Hatton) In my youth I had no problem remembering things. I knew every day after recess I could get a drink of water right after the class trip to the bathroom. Studying for tests was easy, I knew every kids name in my class, and in 0.23 seconds I could spout out which Girl Scout cookie was my favorite. Yet over the years, my timing and efficiency have been going downhill. The expressions Momnesia, aging mind, or ... [ Read More ]

Listeria Hysteria Over Contaminated Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream has listeria AGAIN and it's no treat   (Stacey Hatton) Personally, I always imagined my demise would be caused by Diet Coke. Not from the toxins that I chug daily (aka nectar of the Gods), but I'd be hit by a Diet Coke delivery truck. The great irony would be enjoyable for my friends and family, and hopefully help in their healing process. But alas, one of the scariest stories in recent news stopped me in my tracks. My Bunny Tracks, that is. The word in the ... [ Read More ]

Drama Queen Daughter Crying Over Spilled Yogurt


    Time for a Drama Queen Intervention (Stacey Hatton, RN) Do you happen to have melodramatic, or as I like to say Drama Queen daughter in your home? In the medical world, we say these creative kids are predominately using their right-brain more than the analytical or left-side of the brain. At our house we are a 50-50 brain split. My husband, the engineer has his mini-version of himself (our cute - but girly daughter, Munchkin #1) and this writer/nurse/ex-theatre gal has a ... [ Read More ]

Bathing Suit Season Therapy Needed

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  Hi Gang! I wanted to make an announcement that Nurse Mommy Laughs is going through a bit of a change. Yes, that is the new me on the left. BWAHH!!! No, I'm shaking things up a bit to improve content and make the blog more entertaining. In addition to moi, there will be a team of women bloggers who write fabulous tales of being a parent, how to improve your health in today's world, and experts on kids'  health and nutrition. Everyone of them is capable of making you laugh out loud, ... [ Read More ]

Help Kids Cope with Grief after Losing a Pet

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  How to help kids cope with grief after losing a pet In many families, a pet is more than just a dog or cat; they are members of the family.  Just ask my kiddos about their favorite frog that got murdered or our kitten that "Mommy gave away for no reason." Pets are loving and offer unconditional love for your family. So when an illness, old age, or an accident occurs to your pet this can be devastating for everyone.  Especially for children who may never have experienced loss, it's ... [ Read More ]

I Hate my Mothahducker Minivan


There are moments in our lives when we have to choose what’s fun or what’s appropriate. The latter has never been my favorite, so I rarely paid attention to these choices until I had children. When I became a new mother, and finally held my gorgeous and healthy baby in my arms, I continued to struggle with some parental duties. I had no problem with losing sleep, changing diapers, or being gnawed on by my baby’s gummy Jaws of Life. It didn’t make any difference to me that I couldn’t party ... [ Read More ]

Why I Sucked as a Student


I missed a plethora of things during my years in various educational systems. Namely, education – but also, a great many life lessons which could have served me well as a parent. As a child, I wasn’t interested in most subjects at school, unless it was regarding gossip, music and/or boy research. So one exciting thing about being a parent is when my kids learn a subject  (that perhaps I snoozed through) I can try to pick up some “learning” the second time around. Here is my shortlist of ... [ Read More ]

Spring Break with Kids Eyes Wide Shut

friends at the beach

Over the years, my family has had interesting Spring Break experiences. So this year, for all of those wondering how my Spring Break went this year…don’t ask! If I wanted to teach my grade school daughters the difference between beer pong and beer bongs, I would have already. Of course it would be right before the Division of Family Services started leaning on our doorbell. This Spring Break my family was trapped in a live version of “Girls Gone Wild.” When we drove 1,000 miles to ... [ Read More ]