Lookey, Ma I’m on the TV

This morning I actually got OUT of bed BEFORE the hubby. He looked so shocked and a bit scared by my bright, smiling face as he was just awaking.

What is she doing with real clothes on…and makeup? Who died?!

Then you could see on his face he remembered I was to appear on Kansas City LIVE! with three other fabulous bloggers to discuss kids, motherhood, and children going back to school.

Julie from “Bug Bytes,” Sherry from “Snarky in the Suburbs,” and Paige from “There’s More Where That Came From.”

The show was full of laughs, lights and hairy pancakes!

Apparently, before our segment the other guests were trying to adopt a pack of dogs and Chris Cakes was flipping pancakes around the studio. Good times.

So here is my “Who passed gas on the set?” face, to start off the segment. (I prefer to look like this so I get better throughout the taping.)

Snarky, wake that girl up!

Snarky, wake that girl up!

KANSAS CITY LIVE! (August 20, 2013)

If you enjoyed us, please let the folks at KC LIVE know here! Mentioning names is acceptable.

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14 thoughts on “Lookey, Ma I’m on the TV

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  2. Oh, NM! You did so well, so well! I would have surely shat myself, if I’d been on TV. Great job!!

  3. I don’t know about famous, but I got to sit on a very tall chair and be filmed looking like I was about to fall off of it. I loved it and hope to do it again!

  4. Lookin’ good on KC Live in that fancy blouse and dangling hoop earrings, Nurse Mommy! I’m sure you made KC proud with your funny quips and great tips! I enjoyed the segment!

  5. Ashley, I pink puffy heart you hard too! Thanks for watching it, my favorite blog wives!

  6. Glad you stopped by, Susan! Wish you weren’t outside my viewing area. If I get a chance to do it again, I’ll keep posting.

  7. I wish you lived in KC too, Meredith! I’m sure you would have been on the show with me!! You rock.

  8. You are SO awesome! This picture is priceless, but doesn’t mask the fact that you are engaging and funny and I wish I lived in KC so I could watch you live 🙂

  9. Julie it was great joining you on the tube too! You looked fabulous and did fantastic job. Glad I could take care of my girls and set you up with “the most important meal of the day!” HA!!

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