The Oh, Crap My Kid Knows How to Read Giveaway

I have always been a firm believer in not teaching your children to read until they are old enough to appreciate the dirty books you have in your bookshelf.

So I don’t know why I encouraged both of my girls to read – or even the alphabet – because by the time they finished Kindergarten, they were into Chapter books. Over achievers already? Great.

Many parents might think, “Shut up and stop bragging about your kids, why don’tcha!” But, honest, I am purely using this as a reference for my current household problem.

Studying the art of “fraternity humor” at a young age, I was introduced to some of the great comedians. I became a connoisseur of comic geniuses whose foul mouths and sarcastic quips drew me in more than Saturday morning cartoons.

Artists like:

The Van Gogh’s of cinema – Animal House and Caddy Shack.

The Seurat’s of television – Taxi, Soap and M*A*S*H

And I still love a funny book where the author isn’t afraid to let their vocabulary fly south. It’s when you appreciate a fine Pinot Noir, but on occasion all you really want is a Budweiser – and it’s as good as it’s gonna get!

So when my six year-old daughter started to nose around my office desk, looking for reading material; I knew it was time to put my stash up on the highest shelf.

Of course, when you forget and are reading a new hit parenting humor book, and accidentally leave it on your bed stand, conversations like this arise:

Munchkin #2 (age 6): Mama, I love your book.

Me: You read my book? (assuming she read “I Just Want to Pee Alone”) *Oh, boy!*

M2: It’s my new favorite. I love the cwappy baby the most.

Me: What did you say?! (M2 speaks with a slight lisp so I thought perhaps I heard her wrong.)

M2: I like the Cwappy Boy too. He’s so funny. I want to draw pictures of all my Cwappy Baby dolls and make a Cwappy book like that one. It’s Epic!

Me: It IS a funny book, but you can’t say the word “crappy” in public. It’s actually a naughty word. And you will get in big trouble if you say it in school or church, and definitely at GRANDMAS.

M2: Oh, I didn’t know.

(long pause)

M2: Do you think that Cwappy Papa looks like Daddy?!

Now Munchkin #2 did manage to get this one right. Amber Dusick the hilarious author of the book “Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures” not only snagged my child, but she continually hits home-runs with her humor in her popular blog.

So in honor of kids learning to read, and appreciating a good comedian when you see one, I am giving away a FREE COPY of her book to the winner of the contest.

And since I am in a giving mood – Paige Kellerman, writer of the intelligent and snappy blog, “There’s More Where That Came From,” has a new hilarious book, At Least My Belly Hides My Cankles: Mostly-True Tales of An Impending Miracle, which is selling like gang-busters.

Paige and I were on the morning TV show, Kansas City LIVE! this last Tuesday, and she is freakin’ hilarious and talented. Plus, her gams are longer than I am tall! After meeting her in person, I now love her more than my orthopedic insoles in my running shoes. (And if you think I actually run in those suckers, you be Krazy!)

So I thought I would throw in a copy of her book as well for spits and giggles!!

The winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter and I will announce the winner on this website on Friday, August 30, 2013 at 8:00am CST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to you all!

And if you don’t enter the contest, please join me on my Nurse Mommy Laughs Facebook page – the Stacey Hatton one is boring (sorry) or Twitter if you get some urges!


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19 thoughts on “The Oh, Crap My Kid Knows How to Read Giveaway

  1. I sure hope you do, Heather. Thanks for stopping by and maybe we can get you entered in one of the giveaways sometime!! 🙂

  2. U truly generated many wonderful items within ur blog, “The “Oh, Crap!
    My Kid Knows How to Read” Giveaway | Nurse Mommy Laughs.
    ..”. I am going to wind up returning to ur web page in the near future.
    With thanks ,Eileen

  3. Oh I haven’t met a carb I don’t like. lol! If forced to choose my absolute fave, it would be warm french bread out of the oven with butter slathered on it. deelish! Something fun about me…I’ve had every shade of hair during my life, blond, then brown with red highlights, grey/white, and now auburn! =-)

  4. Forgot to add something funny about me … I am still secretly proud that I can burp the alphabet. Age 38. I am still working on other skills ….

  5. Just found you via Amber’s twitter feed … soooo funny!
    For the record, my favourite carb is proper flaky croissants with butter and lots of raspberry jam (have you guessed from my spelling that I’m from the UK?!). Nom nom nom …

  6. I need that recipe. Did you find it on Pinterest? Please share!! 🙂 I love crafty people. Welcome to NML. Good luck with the contest.

  7. My favorite carb is garlic butter mashed potatoes….they’re both heavenly and deadly.
    I don’t know what’s very fun about me…I’m a pinterest freak and wish I had an endless amount of crafting supplies so I could accomplish all 5000 projects on my to do list.

  8. Frankie, I think most 6 year old boys are slower to pick up reading than girls anyway. Plus, I know a LOT of brilliant girls who are that age who are still slow to read. Not a big deal yet for that age. Just keep it fun. I have my girls read the “funnies” in the newspaper each morning. It cracks them up and helps them too. Comics are great for boys!

  9. My 6yo son is still reading pretty slowly (partly because he’s in a Spanish immersion school). Thank you, this shows me one of the positives of him not reading everything in sight yet.

  10. You two are totally cracking me up! I hope the rafflecopter is kind to you. Girl fight!!

  11. I entered with another email address just so Ashley cannot try to claim my prize when I win. (She would totally do that) My favorite carbohydrate is pasta. Just typing that made me hungry. I have my fingers crossed for the books!!! Yay!! –Lisa

  12. Bloomin’ Onions! I’ve never met anyone named after someone with mechanical magic parts. That’s some kind of awesome. Glad you are here and good luck on the raffle!

  13. Mmmmh. Spaghetti. With red sauce? We haven’t had that in awhile. Thanks for helping my food planning! This summer I planned my polish with my purse. I’m a dork that way in summer. LOVE the rainbow idea. My girls would love that too! You sound fun.

  14. Ashley, you better tell Lisa to enter with another email addy. I’m not going to get in the middle of this fight! HA!!

  15. My favorite carb is spaghetti. Something fun – I am obsessed with bright nail polish lately (i’m 39). My favorite this summer was rainbows – one color for each finger.

  16. Thank you for letting my little book crash at your place today! On another note, this reminds me of when one of my parents brought home a copy of The Shining from the library, and I picked it up and started reading it when I was about ten. I don’t think either one of them were thrilled about that, but I’ve been a Stephen King fan ever since.

  17. My favorite carbohydrate: definitely Bloomin’ onions. YUM. YUM. Something fun about myself: I was named after the Bionic Woman, Lindsey Wagner.

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