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So have you crossed over to the other side? To the days of summer? A time when all kids are exhausted from working so hard, that they have morphed into a pile of dirty laundry and returned school art projects.

Perhaps you have older children and finals are done. Since these teens lost so much sleep during the last few weeks studying, their nonexistent immune systems have caused them to come down with a case of the plague. Good luck to you all on that. No fun!

At my humble abode, we have one last week before the summer begins.

Five short days until the “start-of-the-school-year-countdown” begins. And then a part of me wants to curl up in the fetal position in my closet with a flask of something strong.

I know there are some parents who relish summer time with their children. They are the parents who announce on Facebook how they can’t wait to put together their color-coded calendar of exciting events for their family.

Who does that?!

And if they do, what are they giving up in their lives to be able to get it done? Sleep…sex? *gasp* Social Media!!!

These parents have to be afraid to let their negative feelings out or have patience of steel.

Or maybe their kids are a hellava lot better behaved than mine.

Not to say that my girls are juvenile delinquents. That couldn’t be further than the truth.

But they are kids!

Normal kids who bicker and are learning to get along with others. They are constantly working on sharing and trusting – and not beating the whoo-ha out of each other. These are life skills which are developed over time. And no one can claim it’s fun watching them go through this all day long for 90 days! It sucks.

So to most parents out there, who are nearing the last week of school…my prayers are with you.

All you others with perfect lives…


good luck not getting your permanent Sharpie marker on your linen blouse.

Here’s a little something I wrote for y’all. It goes a little sumpin like this…

by Stacey Hatton

One week of school,
One. Week. Of. School!
The kids underfoot
are beginning to drool.

Chaos is starting.
The homework, they’re farting.
Their brain cells are switched
to full on de-smarting.

I’m feeling the hairs on my head turning gray.
Or will I be bald by end of the day?
Because I do know in less than a week,
My house will be LOUD and I’ll start to freak.

The fighting, the WHINING!
The begging for shit.
Three months of torture –
Grab the wine, let’s get lit!

But then there’ll be times when we’ll play at the pool.
When I’ll hear them tell friends that their mom is still cool.
So I’ll try to quit bitching and enjoy the long summer.
We’ll head to the zoo before that is “a bummer.”

They grow up so fast.
Then they’ll move far away.
Will I have my Sunday call with the kids today?

As I pour into bed after all of the fun,
after playing with neighbors – enjoying the sun.
I’ll know that the fighting and whining is fleeting.
‘Cause without my loud kids, life sure would lose meaning.

(repurposed from original post on May 2014)

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4 thoughts on “LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL

  1. The morning hugs and “I love you’s” are the cherry on the top of my day. Sleeping in? I’m not familiar with that term. lol Yes, feel free to share on your site, as long as you keep all of my links and a direct link to that page on my website. Thanks!

  2. Another great post! This month, my youngest is graduating from high school, the oldest, from college. No more making morning breakfast, and “yay!” to sleeping in! I’m looking forward to it, but will miss those early morning hugs before school. Oh, can I share this post on my personal FB page later this week? Thanks.

  3. Dawn you are always welcome to join me in any closet and I’m glad you’ll be bringing your own flask. I’m not sharing mine!

  4. love it, NML, and especially love the poem! Hysterical! Can I join you in the closet? I’ll bring my own flask!

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