Dr. Scholl is in the closet and we have a Winner

teach children kindnessDespite all the sadness in the world after the tragedy at the Boston marathon yesterday afternoon, I am going to try to be the beer bottle is three-quarters full kind of gal, and with the Southie mentality…I’m gonna kick that bastahd in the nards and then hand out my award to the winner of the book, “I Just Want to Pee Alone.” How ya like them apples?!
(Prayers and love to my extended family and Matt Damon- ’cause I luff him and my hubby is fine with it)

…and the winner is…Darlene S. from Jersey!!! (YAY!!!!!) Darlene won by 1 point, so tenacity paid off my friend!

The Rafflecopter was an adventure for me. I was a bit afraid that this way of choosing the winner wouldn’t work and it would choose me and announce it to my readers and I would look like a dork. But really, I don’t appear to look any worse off than I did before this contest and I didn’t have to pick a name with my feet. (Which truly is dorky at ALL!!)

Drum roll, Dr. Scholl!

Drum roll, Dr. Scholl!

There will be other contests for the book, so if you didn’t win, don’t be a hater. OR…there is even a thing called Amazon.com where you can buy a copy of the book and they will even deliver it to your door!! MAGIC. Just make sure to click on my link above on the right if you are reading this on your desktop/laptop or at the bottom of my posts if you are reading me on your phone. (That way I actually get to make a little money off the sale, instead of just the “man”)

Darlene, send me a private email with your addy and I’ll get you your book! I’ll even sign it if you want. That will be worth a whole dime!!

xoxo Stacey


I Just Want to Pee Alone best-selling book giveaway

Fancy. That’s all I can say about this giveaway. It’s so fancy, I can hardly stand it!

Avatar Pee Nurse

One winner will be chosen by my fancy computer’s thing-a-ma-role to receive a free copy of the best-selling book, “I Just Want to Pee Alone.” Don’t ask me how this contest works, ’cause my IT guy, who I just call “Mr. It,” says the Rafflecopter is legit and more trust-worthy than my long-standing partner, Dr. Scholl who has for the past 4 years been picking names out of a wicker basket. We are still very close, but I had to step it up a bit with this book thang.


(Really, if you want to know the truth…I am in dire need of a pedi and am too grossed out to take a current pic of my feet, so I turned my amp up to eleven and we are rockin’ this Pee book out!)

Here’s to a Dose of Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Fundraiser Update for WE LOVE NATALIE

The little girl who I wrote about yesterday, Natalie Fleischaker, will be able to come home from the hospital in Florida thanks to an anonymous donor picking up the tab for a private plane! Miracles do happen every day!! The “We Love Natalie!” fundraiser will continue so her family will receive assistance with their ever-increasing medical expenses. Their financial struggles are not over just because they got a plane home.

To the people who gifted yesterday, bless you! The Flesichakers and I are so touched by your generosity and your compassion for the beautiful child and their family.

It takes a village…and we sure have a spectacular one! If you cannot support Natalie monetarily, that is fine of course; but please send out an extra prayer. And if you live near by and would like to honor her, make sure to put up your turquoise bow outside your home to show your love and support! It’s Natalie’s favorite color!!We Love Natalie Bow

Turquoise bows for everyone!! Email me at nursemommylaughs@yahoo.com if you would like to pick up a bow.


Neighbors House Must Wreak, New Book Anthology about Peeing Alone…I Smell a Theme!

redhead dog in deep snowSome of you may have heard but there was a Blizzard in the Land of Oz (Kansas) where I click my heels together thrice to return to what is my home. Last year I purposefully purchased my husband a snow blower knowing that when the women in my family do so, there will be absolutely NO snow for the season. And as predicted, less than an inch fell in 2012. It was the Land of AHHHHS for me that year because did I mention that I HATE SNOW. It is worse than a blowout diaper while traveling on the highway with only a box of dry wet wipes on hand.

Snow sucks harder than your child getting the norovirus and yelling out, “Mom” in the middle of the night and in mid scream leans over and barfs on the child in the lower bunk…right on their head at 3 a.m. That’s how much I don’t like snow. Not that this ever happened, but ew.

Now I know there are a bunch of you out there who L-U-V snow and the pretty white snowflakes, and building snow forts with your children and throwing snowballs and sledding your bodies into large oak trees; but that ain’t mah bag!! Unfortunately, I don’t want to taint my children’s perception of the white precipitation from hell, so I keep my lips zipped and pull up my big girl boots and put on my silly lamb hat and waddle outside looking 4 sizes heftier than I already do naked. This does NOT make mama happy!

And to further complicate matters, my husband whom I adore and would do just “about” anything to make him happy is a SNOW HOUND. Nothing makes him happier than snow. Anything that involves snow is up his alley. So isn’t it fair to assume he should be the parent to teach the children the finer parts of snow love?

Well, apparently since no women in my family purchased a snow blower this year, Mother Nature decided to dump over 12 inches of bitter cold white crap on my street, blocking my vehicle in the garage which never is a wise thing to do. I start to get cramped up and itchy and need to road trip…like to Key West. If only the planes could take off!

So as I stayed indoors watching my husband and children frolic in the wet powder, I noticed out our kitchen window how our neighbor’s dog was going to have a rough time with all this snow. All of the snow from their roof had blown off and completely blocked their back door. How is that poor dog going to pee?
Extreme Doggie Door Fail

(Nice, huh?! Did you see what I did there?!)
I am going to be in another book titled, I JUST WANT TO PEE ALONE, by Jen (just Jen…like Cher) who has a strong literary history of punching people in the neck/cervical area -not to be confused with punching in the cervix- that’s an entirely different Jen. Along with 35+ other funny blogging mothas (and some of them are really famous!); we are going to be published in a collection of humor essays, which should come out in March 2013 at Amazon.com (buy on Nurse Mommy Laughs website and I get a small percentage of sale, otherwise nada!), bookstores, Kindle, Nooks, and ipads. This is sumpin’ fancy!!

Here are a few of the co-authors works, so you can start getting excited and saving up your pennies to get ya one of these here books! You don’t want to miss out on this one:

RachRiot is one hilarious writer who is new to blogging, but she is one you are going to be hearing of for years! Her post Vermont is for Lesbians had me screaming!

Underachiever’s Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess
shares her downward dog tale of running with her tail between her legs after yoga in Clearly, at 38, I am still too immature for yoga.

You’re my favorite today.
is written by a zany mom after my own heart; she tells her stories about raising kids for 17 years and how she got through it. Parents of small children, gather around had me hurting when I first read it.

Since we are on an urination theme today…
Snow Ice Cream for EVERYONE…
Parents, please remember to teach your children before they go outside to play in the snow, that the yellow snow is NOT lemon. Don’t ever say I don’t care about your health!
Here is a recipe I found…remember WHITE SNOW people!!!

CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE at Life With Moore Babies blog


2013 Inauguration Service: cathedrals, chills, and KC home folk


Kansas City’s own, Pastor Adam Hamilton, as always did a fabulous job (my personal opinion, of course) with his sermon for the President and his entourage. Even though he WAS showing off a bit how well Church of the Resurrection did on Christmas eve. Boasting rights were earned with that number, Pastor! Raise over 1 mil in one night and donate it to children…okay, I guess you can brag to the Prez.

For those of you who didn’t get to see the sermon, here is the link. Also, HANKY ALERT!!! The first soloist (teen-aged girl singing with the choir)…oh, boy she opened up a can of “Oprah’s Ugly Cry” for me! Fantastic!!

2013 Inauguration Service at National Cathedral

What did you think of the service? Surreal for those of you who know Pastor Adam?