Toddler Stealing Not on my Watch – unless I turn my head or blink


My Darling Toddler Stealing? NEVER! Have you ever experienced your toddler stealing? If not, you are lucky or your child has short arms, which if that's the case, bless you! Oh, Jules…I would just DIE if any of my kids ever stole…SOPHIE!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THIS POLLY POCKET! From birth you begin teaching your children right from wrong with hopes they will listen to a smidge of your advice; however, there are various developmental stages where kids just can’t grasp the difference between what’s theirs and carpe latoy (seize the toy). Toddlers/Preschoolers Let’s face it…kiddos are clueless about money or what belongs to whom. Explaining how they should pay for something sets an educational foundation for them, but if your toddler is sitting in the “fire truck” cart at the grocery ... [ Read More ]

Top Ways to get Kids to Stop Whining Now


Time to Stop Whining, Dammit! So you can't get your kids to stop whining? Why? Parenting is so easy! By the way, if you agree with that, we can’t be friends. I cherish my daughters and think they’re perfect as they are, but these summertime behaviors are going to send me to the looney bin and we’re only a few weeks in.   They wake up wonderfully after a good night’s sleep, then a little thing like asking them to eat breakfast turns them into wild banshees. This is not after breakfast mind you, so this isn’t because I’m giving them too much sugar. My pre-tween girls are becoming independent. Hip-hip hurrumph! I realize it’s a rite of passage to find their voice and personality, but come on…before breakfast? I’m not restraining and forcing them to eat what I prepare. ... [ Read More ]

A Perfect Princess Party is All the Child Needs

Princess Cake

Nothing More, Nothing Less With my daughter’s fourth year approaching, all anyone heard for two months was her upcoming party, the presents she demanded, and the cake…oh, yes, the pink, pink cake!! As a first time mother, I didn’t have a clue how important these three things were; but fortunately, since she reminded me of her wants every 13 minutes, I was prepped. A young girl’s fourth birthday, in terms of life importance, is comparable to your first new car, Senior Prom, your wedding day, and the next series in the “Game of Thrones” series all tied into one. It’s that big.  Now our daughter’s party request was a surprise to my husband and I who thought our daughter was enough of a tomboy to barrel through the Princess phase unscathed, but boy, were we mistaken. If you have ... [ Read More ]

Nurse Mommy has Expired

Nurse Mommy Photo4

But "Laughing With Kids" is Taking Over! I have been feeling for awhile that Nurse Mommy Laughs has worn out her welcome, so I'm hanging up my scrubs and stethoscope. Since I haven't worked as a nurse since 2008, I thought I could drop the nurse bit (even though I'm keeping my license up-to-date; I could never take those awful boards again!) and will be focusing on my favorite job, being a mom and belly laughing over what kids do and say.   In fact, I love messing around and being silly with all children. You should see what I do at restaurants behind the mom's back or when a Dad is loading groceries onto the conveyor belt. Being a dork and making kids laugh is what does it for me. Xanax has nothing on the sound of kids cracking up. Since I've been tickling toddlers for ... [ Read More ]