Little Ballerina Holding Wand

Being an “old-ish” mom, somewhere between fitting in Gap clothing and wearing Depends, I have found motherhood has its ups and downs.  Like when trying to remember what it was like when I did things as a child…pert near impossible! My oldest daughter asks, “Mom, when did you first ride a bike without training wheels?” “I’m sure I rode a bike. But to tell you the truth, I haven’t the foggiest!” I say squinting my eyes and searching the ceiling for answers. Or…the latest, “Mom, how much ... [ Read More ]

Mothers Day Gift Guide for Women Who Have Everything


Mother's Day Gift Guide will Save Hours of Shopping It's that time again where I typically post a sarcastic, snarky list of products to make you laugh, but really with this I'm little to no help in getting your mother the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. So this year, I have found gift items in various price ranges that would be fabulous for any mom who has everything. Most of our mothers don't need anything. After all, you give presents every year for 40+ years and your mom has drawers and ... [ Read More ]

Road trip anxiety can lead to marital abuse

roadtrip anxiety

    A Hiccup in Relaxing Getaway leads to Road Trip Anxiety   They always start off fun. You finally have the car packed, there’s no more arguing about leaving on time, gas tank is full, and you no longer have to avoid promising your poor, poor under-sugared children that you’ve stuffed enough Red Dye 40 food products in the van to make the trip interesting. When I was a child, road trips occurred regularly since my grandparents lived five hours away in St. Louis. ... [ Read More ]

6 Superior Cleaning Tips for a Mother-in-Law’s Approval

Welcome mat

Now if any of you have been in my home, you may be thinking why is this clutter-pile gal giving ME tips on how to clean my abode? That is a valid question, which I will ignore. But this is not about me, but YOU! Just because I don’t have an OCD (obsessive/compulsive), 1950s looking home, doesn’t mean I don’t have the skills to do it. I choose to live this way and that is something between me and my cleaning lady. However, when I have family over for a seasonal function, I do give it a ... [ Read More ]