Got Your Turkey Pants Ready?

Once again I was lucky to hang out with the incredibly duo, Paige Kellerman and Snarky-in-the-Suburbs, Sherry Kuehl in the KC Live! studio. Unfortunately, we only get approximately 5 minutes a month to gab about what concerns or peeves us for that month. Truly I think we need a weekly show to get out all the gems this group has. Actually, sometimes we can't even leave the parking lot afraid we won't ever have another opportunity to dish with someone like ourselves (aka weird). It's basically ... [ Read More ]

Memories of Poop Water: a dirty tale


Several years ago, bath time at our house was mostly a fun time. Splashing, giggling and a creative outlet for our energetic Munchkins. There were water fights, contests to see who can pour the most water on the floor and my personal favorite adding bodily fluids into the tub. A parent never forgets the first urination in the tub. Unless you are a big drinker at dinner, then your fogginess is to be expected. But this one night, a Munchkin fessed up to it. She and her sister were sitting in a ... [ Read More ]

Embrace Your Weirdness, Kids – It’s What Makes You Awesome


Mama, I can’t do that! I don’t want the kids to think I’m weird. My daughter’s words struck my abdomen, like a knife plunging into my soul. “Weird!” She said the “W” word. The first time I heard my child fearing others’ opinions, similar memories of mine were stirred up. Childhood fights on the playground, bickering in the girl’s room, or even worse … debating whether “Babe” cologne or “Love’s Baby Soft” was the best fragrance. It could get nasty. Recently, I read a quote by Meryl ... [ Read More ]

You Kids are Wrecking My Perfect World

Three retro prime adult Caucasian females out on the town.

When the munchkins were babies, I sought out friendships with other mothers in the neighborhood, at church, and...what am I talking about? I hardly had any friends with two girls only 14-months apart. Actually, if it weren't for home videos, I wouldn't remember being with my children, due to a severe case of Momnesia. As my daughters attended preschool, my friendships changed again. Befriending other moms at their school and at the gym was my mode of finding other moms who understood what I ... [ Read More ]

Weird-A*s Minds: Chim-Chimney Fool

Good Morning America Online Rheanna Martin, Oct. 20, 2014 A woman was arrested in Thousand Oaks over the weekend after firefighters rescued her from a man's chimney. She had been trying to break into the house and had gotten stuck, police said. The homeowner told Los Angeles station KABC he had met the woman online and they had gone out on a few dates, but recently ended the relationship. Sunday was the second time the woman was found on his roof, he told the station. Nunez-Figueroa ... [ Read More ]

Is That a Kitten Around Your Neck? The ASPCA Will be Ticked!


Once upon a time, in a year far, far away (2013) there was a family of four who desperately wanted a kitten. ONE kitten. However, one day the weak, weak mother - who loves cute and fluffy things - melted at the animal shelter, and signed off on two darling 11-week old kittens: one was a grey/white tabby and the other a calico. How was she going to explain this one to her Hubby? Blaming it on poor math skills. That's the ticket. So unbeknownst to the weak mother, Calico cats are shy, ... [ Read More ]

WEIRD A*S MINDS: Greasy Criminals Flee

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - A truck containing 18 tons of Crisco sticks headed to a grocery store chain distribution center was stolen in a Florida city. St. Petersburg Police say that a tractor-trailer containing the 36,000 pounds of vegetable shortening was snatched Sunday morning. The truck was destined for a Publix distribution center in Lakeland. This is a clear case of a late-night, fried chicken run turned bad. Obviously, drug induced thieves were experiencing “the munchies,” ... [ Read More ]

Bucket Lists, a Rodeo Clown and Baryshnikov

Metal painting Pail isolated on white, (clipping work path included).

Typically, I write my Goofy Bucket List adventure every month - but not this time. Another bucket has consumed me. No, I’m not working as a rodeo clown and unable to escape. But that’s not a bad idea for a future story. My oldest child often mentions her “bucket.” As you can imagine, this is confusing. “Miss Susie filled my bucket today,” she said beaming, as if she had swallowed a ray of sunshine. “You have buckets at school? I don’t remember that being on your school supply list,” I ... [ Read More ]

Effectively Teaching Children about STRANGER DANGER


The other day I heard a young grade schooler say to her mother, “I can’t talk to them. They’re a stranger.” Initially, I thought what an excellent job that parent did educating her daughter; but then I quickly realized the mother had instructed her child to ask a store employee a question, who was only 3 feet away, yet the child was paralyzed. If all adults are the enemy, what are children to do when they need help in an emergency or are lost? WHO SHOULD KIDS TRUST? The ... [ Read More ]

A Child’s Fear of Halloween is Debilitating for Parents Craving Chocolate

Excited boy with arms up - isolated over a white background

Once upon a time, there were children who hated Halloween. “Shut your mouth!” you exclaim? True story. “How can children not enjoy a holiday, where they are to dress up in costume and get free candy?!” you ask. Well, I’m not a professional holiday/candy researcher, despite my deep love of peanut brittle and candy cane fudge; but there actually are people who can help these kids overcome their fears. Several hundreds or tens of kids who are afraid of the dark and/or monsters can ... [ Read More ]

Old School Java Man is Daddy-O!

A young lady in a whipped cream on her head with a coffee cup.

In middle school, the first “rock” concert I went to was The Manhattan Transfer. And…I went with my Dad. *insert laugh track* You might guess my father was the one convincing his tween-aged daughter into accompanying him to this Jazz concert, but you would be sorely mistaken. I begged him to go. No Aerosmith. Not Rick Springfield. Nary a Black Sabbath head banging experience. I wanted the best music I had ever heard…the fabulous four with impeccable harmonies. To ease your ... [ Read More ]