Dinner for Two to Pick Your Final Resting Place

Man with winning lottery ticket excited and smiling

Recently I received the most peculiar invitation in the mail. This gem contained complimentary admission tickets “good for two” persons for FREE FOOD! Now with the hunger crisis widespread throughout our country, why on earth were they trying to give ME and my plus one a free meal? At first I was keyed up by the prospect […]


Parenting with Anxiety isn’t for Lightweights

Desperate woman covering her face with her hands

Spiders and Skeeters and Ticks, Oh Crap! Sometimes parenting with anxiety can set you into panic mode. Sound familiar? You can try to breathe through it or think logically; but somewhere down the road, the brain pathways have changed and different events can trigger the signs of panic. Some symptoms are a racing mind, increased […]

Dreaming of Relaxing Poolside


Relaxing Poolside in a Burkha Memorial Day is right around the corner and everything I love about this time of year is coming full throttle. Children are salivating for that first full-bodied splash into the freezing waters of a swimming pool. Actually, any body of water will do, as long as it’s outdoors and not a […]

Ladies, Even YOU can Have a Midlife Crazy

To Burn In Hell. Grungy female portrait

Go ahead, you know you want to do it I’m a slow bloomer – at least in the midlife crisis department. I could give a rip how old I am, or that I don’t drive a sports car. Why stress over the fact that my abs are donned in a fat parka ready for the […]