Win a Free Copy of People I Want to Punch in the Throat


Hi ya gang! Just feeling my appreciation from having the hellacious two days weekend over, so I'm wanting to share my love and do a little thing called a giveaway. It goes a little bit like dis: Enter. Wait. You win or you lose. Pretty simple, right? Jen Mann who it the gal who hired me twice to be in her "I Just Want to Pee Alone" book and the sequel, "I Just Want to Be Alone" has a new book out and it is really funny. Swingers Uppity moms Over-achieving moms and Patriotic ... [ Read More ]

5 Spousal Debates That Need to be Settled Before Walking Down the Aisle


Everyone grows up with family traditions. For most, those are deeply set and difficult to change. Plus, why change when you know you’re right! After all, your parents – who you learned too many things from – were the ones who early in life said, “This is correct. Do it just like me and don’t ask questions.” What? Yours didn’t say that? Well, they were inferring it. After all they had fought over these things when they got married, so by Jove you are going to suffer! It can be ... [ Read More ]

The Shuttle Bus is Duck-Tired


There are moments in our lives when we have to choose what’s fun or what’s appropriate. The latter has never been my favorite, so I rarely paid attention to these choices until I had children. When I became a new mother, and finally held my gorgeous and healthy baby in my arms, I continued to struggle with some parental duties. I had no problem with losing sleep, changing diapers, or being gnawed on by my baby’s gummy Jaws of Life. It didn’t make any difference to me that I couldn’t party ... [ Read More ]

KC Live! Mom Panel: Competitive Extra-Curricular Activities


September 8, 2014 There is never enough time to voice our motherly advice or just vent about issues that plague our lives. Especially when it comes to kids, extra-curricular activities and crazed parents. The Mom Panel of Snarky-in-the-Suburbs, Paige Kellerman and I hit the studio again for KC Live! to discuss how extra-curricular activities are becoming competitive sports in their own right. Why is that parents are pushing so hard for their kids to be number one? Isn't the silver or ... [ Read More ]

Pediatric Chiropractor Makes a Difference with Neurosensory Disorder Kids


(This post is sponsored by the fabulous gals at Align Chiropractic Care for Babies and Mommies. All opinions are my own since I can't keep my opinions to myself. Most of you know this already.) You might remember I interviewed Dr. Kezia Shine last month. She’s the sunshiny gal who runs Align: Chiropractic Care for Babies and Mommies, with her partner Dr. Brandi. Back then I wasn’t able to talk with Dr. Brandi because she was busy keeping twin babies in her uterus. I have no idea why she ... [ Read More ]

MONDAY MUNCHKIN ROADS: Ugly Cry on the First Day of School

First day of school, and my kids were bubbling with excitement. New teachers, new school supplies, new friends to make. Oh, and the outfits!! We can't forget the First Day of School Outfit. Munchkin #2 could give a hoot about what she wore. She has a few favorite colors, but mainly her choice is motivated by comfort. Yes, this is my child. As long as M2 has underwear, shoes, and her backpack on, she is free to leave the building. Since my kids are Yin and Yang, Munchkin#1 is all about ... [ Read More ]

And the Winner of the KU Football Ticket Prize Pack is…


JESSICA H. you are the big winner!!!!!       YAAAAAAY!!! Jessica I'm so happy for you and your family. The KU Athletic Department will be contacting you soon to get that prize pack to you. Just in case you forgot what you signed up for, here is your KU Football bling!! KU single game family 4-pack of tickets Downtown Lawrence $50 gift card One Junior Jayhawk Kids' Club membership Hope you and your family have a fabulous time and Rock Chalk ... [ Read More ]

Overeating to Numb the Past


Everyone has a story from their childhood which stains their persona, causing permanent damage in the pattern of grief or pain. We are human. That's a perk of having a highly functioning brain and opposable thumbs. But how we handle those situations from our past is what forms our coping mechanisms. Let's face it, some adults handle stress better than others. The remainder of us have stressors which trigger unhealthy behaviors. Whether it be overeating, drinking heavily, smoking or extreme ... [ Read More ]

Awesome KU Football Tickets and Junior Jayhawk Kids’ Club Giveaway

Are you ready for some foot-baaaall? The KU Jayhawks are about to play their opening game and the sunflower state has caught football fever. From talks about the coaching, or the Seniors' potential, to how the newbies will perform. "Think we have a season, this year?" "Hellz, yeah!" "Awesome. Let's go to the Wheel!" Growing up in Lawrence, KS, I spent 35 years watching various KU football teams. And some of the games we even won!! I’ve seen just about as many changes to the stadium, but we’re ... [ Read More ]

You’ve Got Lice – Excuse me, What?


Happy first day of school, class! I am Mrs. Happy-to-be-Here and I will be your 1st grade teacher. This is my first teaching job, so I am thrilled to have you all as my first students. Before we go sit on the happy rug in criss-cross applesauce to sing our school's motto I have a few announcements: First from our Principal, he says, "Go Chipmunks!! We're going to have a nut-free year!" Well, that's cute, right? Next our school nurse, Nurse Mitsy has also sent me a little note. ... [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Teach Children Patience, Dammit!


There are certain times of the year, when stress levels sky-rocket, leaving parents tense, agitated and inebriated after their kids’ bedtime. This is not a new concept. Holiday stressors are the highest on the list: mounting blood pressure, gastric maladies, and what some medical experts call “hide-in-a-dark-closet-in-the-fetal-position-until-New-Years” disorder. Since we have approximately 91 days until Thanksgiving - AND school is starting for many parents, I'm sharing from my ... [ Read More ]