Grass is Always Greener on the Golf Course

Landscape of a beautiful green golf course with sky

(This post is sponsored by The Blogger Collective.) When I moved out of the house into the dormitory freshman year of college, my folks decided it was time to start a new chapter of their lives. They bought a beautiful home on one of our town’s golf courses and then conveniently forgot to give me a key. True story. Only a little bitter now. Sometime during my first or second year, they gave up a copy of their house key – but it probably was when they needed me to feed the cats while ... [ Read More ]

Baby Staying Safe in the Summer Sun: Understanding SPF


Do you miss the sun throughout the winter but in the summer months feel like you should live in a cave to protect your infant’s delicate skin from the sun? You are not alone in your frustration. A cave may not be necessary, but the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says that sun protection should begin in infancy and continue throughout life. However, the AAD warns, “It may only take 15 minutes of midday summer sun to burn a fair-skinned (child).” Dr. Aundria Speropoulos, a pediatrician ... [ Read More ]

Getting off my Bucket: I Spy Ladies Who Laser Tag


I’ve been afraid of guns for decades. Ever since a tragic accident killed a beloved young boy a few blocks from my childhood home, I’ve steered clear of all firing arms. While recently constructing my Bucket List, shooting activities never crossed my mind. Why would I need to fire a firearm before I die? Sounded like a bad miniseries just waiting to happen. But how would I live out my Charlie’s Angels fantasy without fashioning a weapon? No gun ranges for this mom and Paint Ball seemed ... [ Read More ]

My Dream Home isn’t Pink and Plastic


(This post was sponsored by The Blogger Collective) Last Christmas, Santa brought my daughter the new and fabulous Barbie Dream House. A far cry from the one my back yard neighbor had, but the excitement was comparable. Not only does the 2013 version have a working elevator and doorbell, it has so many new features from when I was playing with everything pink and plastic. The kitchen has a recycling bin, a blender that makes noise and an oven light. I remember my friends having a stove, ... [ Read More ]