MUNCHKIN ROADS: Laser Tagging with a Celebrity


Driving to play laser tag with another blogger and her kids, the munchkins want more details than I'm ready to share. It went a little bit like dis... Munchkin #1: What is your friend's blog name? Me: (trying to merge onto the interstate) Honey, I'm kind of busy here. M1: Her blog is famous, right? What's it called? Me: She has a new book coming out that she wrote. That's exciting, right? M1: MOM! What is her blog?!!! Me: ..... M1: Mom. Me: People I Want to Punch in the Throat M1: And ... [ Read More ]

Parenting Tale #234: Big Date Night and I Didn’t Even See my Husband

(Since this weekend was my anniversary, I promised my wonderful hubby I wouldn't work. So here is a repurposed post from 2012.) Did you ever have one of the best date nights of your married life, and embarrassingly you didn’t spend more than five minutes with your spouse? I know this sounds like the beginning of the end, but don’t you worry your pretty little heads, the Hubs and I are doing great and are in for the long haul…I want that 50 year anniversary picture in the paper and the ... [ Read More ]

7 Essential Things for Fourth of July Safety


I love America just as much as anyone who loves football, country music and apple pie. OK, maybe not THAT much. But as the song goes, “I’m proud to be a ‘Merican! Yee haw, Dude!” With that being said, when the 4th of July comes around every year, I proudly place the grand ole flag in the front of our house, and pull out everything that I can find which is red, white and blue. Looks like Betsy Ross barfed all over us and the munchkin’s bikes – gotta make a bang for the 4th of July bike ... [ Read More ]

MUNCHKIN ROADS: Bridging Over No-Troubles Water to Brownies


Big weekend for Munchkin#2. Most of the time, Munchkin#1 has all of the extra-curricular activities. But other than theatre, M2 only participates in something she holds dear to her heart. Girl Scouts! This is the one activity that her older sister isn't involved in, so she holds her head high knowing that M1 can't do what she can. I'm assuming this is something that the youngest child in families typically feels. Being the oldest, I'm looking at this relationship between siblings differently ... [ Read More ]

6 Signs You Might be Shopping with a 2nd Grader

Metal shopping cart isolated on white background

For the past eight years I have struggled with taking my children grocery shopping. I love my girls, but their behavior in public is like getting stabbed in the ears with chopsticks. Their indoor voices aren’t their strong suit. In fact, for years I’ve tried everything to make sure they aren’t with me when I’m at the supermarket. I’ve even written about their behavior in a book I co-authored – but did that change them? Nope. If the kids are invited to a play date, I’ll grab my list, drop ... [ Read More ]

How to Best Clean Indoor Air for the Allergic Child


(This post was sponsored by The Blogger Collective) The hay fever season is over; the trees are not pollinating your sinuses, yet your child still has allergy symptoms. Perhaps it isn’t what is going on outdoors, but inside your house the allergens lurk. Thankfully, with persistence and consistency you can make home smelling “Home Sweet Home” for any allergic child. Perennial allergic rhinitis, also known as year-round inflammation of the nose, consists of several indoor allergens. The ... [ Read More ]

Munchkin #2 Presents: “Mimi Cheesey Goes to the Hospital”


Something terrifying occurred to me today. We here in the Midwest are into summer break now one month. ONE MONTH!!! Do you know what that means? I still have nine weeks of not knowing what on earth to do to keep my kids entertained. You would think after several years, I'd have a clue how to figure these things out. But I'm not a planner. I don't have a full calendar of events scheduled. Usually, I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do after my coffee. God bless those overachieving ... [ Read More ]

The Plight of the Dangler

little girl in an office chair black on a white background

I come from a long line of danglers. Both my grandmothers dangled, my great-grandmother who only ate cottage cheese and carrot sticks was a dangler. And having two girls of my own, the probability of one of them dangling is dang good. What is a dangler, you ask? If you were sitting in the bathroom stall next to mine, it would be quite obvious what problem I struggle with (other than dangling prepositions). I am short. My feet can’t reach the floor in any adult-sized chair. ... [ Read More ]

Grass is Always Greener on the Golf Course

Landscape of a beautiful green golf course with sky

(This post is sponsored by The Blogger Collective.) When I moved out of the house into the dormitory freshman year of college, my folks decided it was time to start a new chapter of their lives. They bought a beautiful home on one of our town’s golf courses and then conveniently forgot to give me a key. True story. Only a little bitter now. Sometime during my first or second year, they gave up a copy of their house key – but it probably was when they needed me to feed the cats while ... [ Read More ]

Baby Staying Safe in the Summer Sun: Understanding SPF


Do you miss the sun throughout the winter but in the summer months feel like you should live in a cave to protect your infant’s delicate skin from the sun? You are not alone in your frustration. A cave may not be necessary, but the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says that sun protection should begin in infancy and continue throughout life. However, the AAD warns, “It may only take 15 minutes of midday summer sun to burn a fair-skinned (child).” Dr. Aundria Speropoulos, a pediatrician ... [ Read More ]

Getting off my Bucket: I Spy Ladies Who Laser Tag


I’ve been afraid of guns for decades. Ever since a tragic accident killed a beloved young boy a few blocks from my childhood home, I’ve steered clear of all firing arms. While recently constructing my Bucket List, shooting activities never crossed my mind. Why would I need to fire a firearm before I die? Sounded like a bad miniseries just waiting to happen. But how would I live out my Charlie’s Angels fantasy without fashioning a weapon? No gun ranges for this mom and Paint Ball seemed ... [ Read More ]