That Summer in NYC With No Air Conditioning


This post was sponsored by The Bloggers Collective Chillin’ with My Boys in NYC Do you remember that insane time I lived in New York City on the Upper West Side? You don’t? That’s too bad because I hoped maybe you could help me with some of the foggy details of my intoxicating year of job searches, auditions for Broadway shows, cabaret acts in smoky bars and the last few nights when I was kicked out of my apartment and forced to live in a crack hotel. Hmm. I guess I do remember a bit ... [ Read More ]

Summer Myths of Poison Ivy, Mosquito Bites & Sunburns


(first posted on Nurse Mommy Laughs May 2013) Are YOU as Smart as Your Pediatrician? Welcome to the game show Are You as Smart as Your Pediatrician?! Today’s contestant is Dr. Bryan Wohlwend from Priority Care Pediatrics. Are you ready to see if you are as smart as this pediatrician by answering these questions regarding summertime? We’ll find out soon if you know your heated facts or are you just caught up in the tall tales of summer. Let’s begin. True or False: 1) Poison ivy ... [ Read More ]

My Aunt, the Crazy Feral Cat Lady


There are dog people. There are cat people. And there are people who prefer animals to people. My Great Aunt Fedalma, or Feddy Lorretti, as I called her the last year of her life, fit the last two categories to a tee. This woman in my genetic pool was so complex an entire book should be dedicated to her and her idiosyncrasies; but I won’t tackle that one. Hopefully, someone in the family will. Lord knows there is a wealth of wacko for them to delve into. But one of the most ... [ Read More ]

Drama Queens Crying Over Spilled Yogurt


Do you happen to have melodramatic, or as I like to say “passionate,” children in your home? In the medical world, we say these creative kids are predominately using their right-brain more than the analytical or left-side of the brain. At our house we are a 50-50 brain split. My husband, the engineer has his mini-version of himself (our cute - but girly daughter, Munchkin #1) and this writer/nurse/ex-theatre gal has a “mini-me.” (Prayers are welcomed!) It works out great during family ... [ Read More ]