bright and colorful children toys at poolside (family vacations concept)

So have you crossed over to the other side? To the days of summer? A time when all kids are exhausted from working so hard, that they have morphed into a pile of dirty laundry and returned school art projects. Perhaps you have older children and finals are done. Since these teens lost so much […]


How to Have a Tolerable Experience Dining Out with Family


Happy Friday, Gang! I have a treat for you today. Stacey Gill from the blog, One Funny Motha, is joining the Nurse Mommy Laughs team, and her piece is relatable and pretty darn funny.  Enjoy! (by Stacey Gill) I swore I wouldn’t do it. And then I did. I’ve long detested hand-held video games especially when […]

My Writing Space isn’t a Beauty


Some writers have a lovely office with a grand antique desk, covered high with mounds of projects, books and well… just crap. Other’s sit at bars in Key West with a notepad and pen in one hand and a drink in the other, all the while chain smoking and finding their inspiration. Yet, I have […]

Yipit the New Groupon to Find Major Savings


If you are really rich and don’t need big discounts on stuff that you already use, don’t bother reading about Yipit the new Groupon. Nope, I take that back. These guys have deals on everything from Old Navy and the Gap to Sunglass Hut to Home Depot. Now, I’ve been known to toss out a few […]