When You Give a Mom a Glass of Wine

When I was of drinking age without a spouse or children, I never thought about the correlation between wine and whining. Why would I ponder one of life’s biggest mysteries while I was young and free? Mostly I spent a great amount of time opening children’s book rejection letters from publishers. But I’m not bitter. When I started a family, the idea of excess whining causing increased wine consumption became relevant. Is it a coincidence that more mothers are partaking in cocktails at the end of the day, or is it something that has been happening for years but was hush-hush? After several years of diligently studying my theory and bar graphing my habits, my hypothesis was conclusive. Whining kids drive you to drink. This is one scenario taken from my meticulous studies: When it’s ... [ Read More ]

Parents Spitting on Kids is Wrong

But Every Parent Does it! One of my fears of publicly covering this topic is strangers will assume I am a member of the top-secret union of Spitting Parental Units. The FBI has them classified in their own division, the SPU division.Are you wondering why you haven’t heard of the SPUs? Because they’re classified! Millions of SPUs have been keeping underground about their child-cleaning methods for hundreds of years. These “spit shiners” are lurking behind every photo booth, church and/or synagogue parking lots and backstage at Little Miss competitions. Now I that I have outed this group, they probably will start tapping me on the shoulder in the grocery store and whispering, “I refuse OxiClean because my own spittle can out-clean any product — in record time.” These poor caretakers ... [ Read More ]

Young Writer Daughter Shares a New Mimi Cheesey Episode

If you are new to Laughing with Kids, welcome!! I'm just a mom with two crazy, funny girls; but my youngest daughter is a work of art. She is a budding comedian writer and during the summer months we spend so much time together that we often run out of things to do. I'm actually thinking by the week four, "I'm bored!" So last summer, Munchkin #2 (aka M2) started taking over some of my blog posts to sharpen her skills. Really it was so that she had something to do and it just so happened that it was a great bonding time together. It's a true gift when you can get them busy, learning something new and QUIET! Did I mention, my children never stop creating with their voices, usually at the maximum level?  Here is the 3rd episode of the Mimi Cheesey series. Enjoy, and remember M2 is 8 ... [ Read More ]

Belated Father’s Day Gift is the New Orange

Orange You Glad I Finally Got You a Belated Father's Day Gift? Father’s Day is a special time at our household. The Munchkins adore their Daddy and wildly squeal, running with open arms for the “Daddy-sandwich-hug” every time he enters the house. The day needed to be special for him. One year for Father’s Day weekend when the girls were young, my husband and I decided to take separate vacations. He had a boy’s trip that came together and my dear friend in sunny Florida wanted a play date. Grandparents were keen to it, so husband and I went to the airport and went our separate ways. Very enjoyable for the entire family and would recommend doing this if you can! The problem was since moms usually are the ones to get everything ready for vacations, I had a buttload to get done. I ... [ Read More ]