409 Foolproof Ways to Kill Household Wasps


Hum de dum de dum! What a beautiful day to read a book by the window in my favorite chair! BUZZZZZZZ. Buzz. Buzz-buzz-buzzzzzz. Please don't let that be a wasp! My husband isn't home and I'm gonna have to leave the house until it dies. Please, God, Puh-leeze!!! Make it disappear! FOR THE CHILDREN... Ever have an experience like this? All alone in your home with the dreaded, stinging bomber-of-doom? No knight in shining armor to save you by beheading the circling bastards? Makes me ... [ Read More ]

How to Stop Kids From Peeing on the Rug


Nurse Mommy, I have a question and need some advice. My 3 year-old granddaughter enjoys peeing on her bedroom carpet. Sometimes it's more than once a day. And, one day last week, she drank all the milk in her cup, took her baby sister's bottle, poured it into her cup, and then peed in the bottle!!! Luckily, my daughter got in the room, just before she gave the bottle back to her sissy. She knows to go in the toilet. She's just being rotten!!! She's the middle child, with a brother two ... [ Read More ]

Anxiety Much Spiders and Skeeters and Ticks Oh Crap

Desperate woman covering her face with her hands

Sometimes there are occasions that set an overly anxious parent into panic mode. Sound familiar? You can try to breathe through it or think logically; but somewhere down the road, the brain pathways have changed and different events can trigger the signs of panic. Some symptoms are a racing mind, increased heart rate, perspiration, diarrhea, nausea and/or the mothah of all evils…the PANIC ATTACK. If you haven’t experienced one of these bastards, you are fortunate and might scoff at those ... [ Read More ]

There’s No Whining in Grape Stomping

There it was. A full-bodied, agreeable red, with nice legs, a hint of unbalance and a spirituous finish. And that was just the grape stomping! The host for our autumn afternoon adventure was the BlueJacket Vineyard and Winery. It was their 5th annual “Sip, Stomp and Play.” Included in our day pass was a grape stomp, wine tasting and other “farmish” festivities to raise money for their local Farmer’s Market. We came there with open minds and empty glasses. The wine consumption was at ... [ Read More ]

Win a Free Copy of People I Want to Punch in the Throat


Hi ya gang! Just feeling my appreciation from having the hellacious two days weekend over, so I'm wanting to share my love and do a little thing called a giveaway. It goes a little bit like dis: Enter. Wait. You win or you lose. Pretty simple, right? Jen Mann who it the gal who hired me twice to be in her "I Just Want to Pee Alone" book and the sequel, "I Just Want to Be Alone" has a new book out and it is really funny. Swingers Uppity moms Over-achieving moms and Patriotic ... [ Read More ]

5 Spousal Debates That Need to be Settled Before Walking Down the Aisle


Everyone grows up with family traditions. For most, those are deeply set and difficult to change. Plus, why change when you know you’re right! After all, your parents – who you learned too many things from – were the ones who early in life said, “This is correct. Do it just like me and don’t ask questions.” What? Yours didn’t say that? Well, they were inferring it. After all they had fought over these things when they got married, so by Jove you are going to suffer! It can be ... [ Read More ]

The Shuttle Bus is Duck-Tired


There are moments in our lives when we have to choose what’s fun or what’s appropriate. The latter has never been my favorite, so I rarely paid attention to these choices until I had children. When I became a new mother, and finally held my gorgeous and healthy baby in my arms, I continued to struggle with some parental duties. I had no problem with losing sleep, changing diapers, or being gnawed on by my baby’s gummy Jaws of Life. It didn’t make any difference to me that I couldn’t party ... [ Read More ]

KC Live Mom Panel Competitive Extra Curricular Activities


September 8, 2014 There is never enough time to voice our motherly advice or just vent about issues that plague our lives. Especially when it comes to kids, extra-curricular activities and crazed parents. The Mom Panel of Snarky-in-the-Suburbs, Paige Kellerman and I hit the studio again for KC Live! to discuss how extra-curricular activities are becoming competitive sports in their own right. Why is that parents are pushing so hard for their kids to be number one? Isn't the silver or ... [ Read More ]

Pediatric Chiropractor Makes a Difference with Neurosensory Disorder Kids


(This post is sponsored by the fabulous gals at Align Chiropractic Care for Babies and Mommies. All opinions are my own since I can't keep my opinions to myself. Most of you know this already.) You might remember I interviewed Dr. Kezia Shine last month. She’s the sunshiny gal who runs Align: Chiropractic Care for Babies and Mommies, with her partner Dr. Brandi. Back then I wasn’t able to talk with Dr. Brandi because she was busy keeping twin babies in her uterus. I have no idea why she ... [ Read More ]

MONDAY MUNCHKIN ROADS Ugly Cry on the First Day of School

First day of school, and my kids were bubbling with excitement. New teachers, new school supplies, new friends to make. Oh, and the outfits!! We can't forget the First Day of School Outfit. Munchkin #2 could give a hoot about what she wore. She has a few favorite colors, but mainly her choice is motivated by comfort. Yes, this is my child. As long as M2 has underwear, shoes, and her backpack on, she is free to leave the building. Since my kids are Yin and Yang, Munchkin#1 is all about ... [ Read More ]