Minivans, Meltdowns & Merlot Book is Outstanding

minivan meltdowns merlot

When I was approached to read Carolyn Coppola’s first book, the first thing I asked her “people” was, “Is that also the name of her blog? Because the title is brilliant!”

I got the response of, “Uh…No. Who are YOU again?” This tends to happen to me a lot when I speak, text or email.

Apparently, Ms. Coppola doesn’t have a blog, which I didn’t even know there were such people out there; but it’s true, so she actually has adequate time to focus on being a mom and a published author. What a novel idea. This “book writing” thing must be a new thing.

People I am here to tell you her book Minivans, Meltdowns & Merlot; which she wrote after having children – and I’m assuming were living in her house and distracting her and all – hopefully, is the first of many to come because this mothah can pen a funny story.

Not only does she seem to be a magnet for hilarious people (friends and critics), but she is has mastered the craft of silly mom antics as well. One of my favorite things about her writing is how she shares her relationships with her friends. From her best friend Chrissie who makes Lucy and Ethel look boring, to her trendy and neat-freak “gay friend Dave,” who hasn’t a clue what it takes to raise kids; these stories will make you shriek out at the absurdity of her life with them in it.

Another reason why I found myself drawn to her book is it’s so relatable to all women:

My favorite quote is “I’ve often found myself thinking about how useful a catheter and an IV drip of coffee would be.” I thought this gal must be a nurse! But no she just knows what it takes to get through the day with a gaggle of kids and no time for herself.

Carolyn has a refreshing writing style which is… she writes like a story teller. So many writers today have not either been taught this or just choose not to use this critical style. She has a beginning, middle and end, and she heightens the drama through each chapter so you NEED to know what happens.


She also does not throw around profanity for gratuitous reasons. Yes, there are a few words here and there but you don’t hardly notice them because they are appropriate for the story and not just put there to get a rise out of the reader. I personally enjoy this style and know many other moms will too.

Nurse Mommy gives Minivans, Meltdowns and Merlot 4 suckers and 2 stickers for this great book!!!

It would be a fabulous summer read for any mom.

You can order yours here:

Minivans, Meltdowns and Merlot at Amazon



One perk of having funny and talented friends is that someday one of them will eventually write a book that will be PUBLISHED and be HILARIOUS and make you SO freaking jealous THRILLED for their success!

Janet Frongillo (pronounced Frahn-jello – like the shot) is has not only written one of the funniest mommy books EVAH, it is one that is the perfect gift for any good friend who has just had a baby and is overjoyed with love for her bundle of joy, yet overwhelmed from sleep deprivation and 10 months of no cocktails!

MOMMY MIXOLOGY  – A Cocktail for Every Calamity says, “Do juice boxes come in Mojito? Motherhood is ‘memorable,’ but all too often for its calamities.  Fortunately, Mommy Mixology shares stories, sympathies and some strong drinks to keep you laughing through it all.”

In this crazy funny cocktail book are Virgin drink recipes for after conception (“Watermelon Weigh-in”); but then the alcohol enters the picture when the mom isn’t breastfeeding and she needs an adult bevy: a “Colicky Cider” or a “Muffintopmommy Mudslide,” or a toddler tumbler of “Cosmopotty,” “Bloody Binky,” or a seasonal “Scary Santa.”

My favorite is a toss up between the “Penis Colada” for when boys will be boys or the “Kindergarten Cooler” where she invites you to mix the appropriate alcohol with 6 oz of fruit punch or 1 juice box!  Hey-hey-hey it’s Kool-aid time!! (for adults only, please!)

All of these come with stories about being a mom and how exhausting and frustrating it can be at times. And sometimes after we get the kids down for bed, we can curl up on the couch with our mate, mix up a “Fundraiser Flop” and have a big laugh.  Lord knows we all need a LOT of laughs while raising these munchkins!

Janet’s publisher, Ulysses Press, is letting Nurse Mommy Laughs giveaway ONE COPY of MOMMY MIXOLOGY to one lucky reader.  So here are the rules:

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4)      Wait until I say go…

5)      Now, GO!

If you would like to see Janet’s other work on her crazy, HIGH-LAHR-IOUS blog…, please do so.  She won’t hate you for it!  Tell her some crazy nurse from Kansas sent ya!

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