SIMPLY kc Magazine - June 2012 issue PARENTING:  by Stacey Hatton When was the last time you enjoyed taking your young children grocery shopping? The day before never? Little kids are not wired for this mundane activity.  You have them strapped into a shopping cart, facing you, and expect them to sit quietly and not whine when you aren’t entertaining them? I know there are a handful of über parents with their Photoshopped babies cooing and posing while allowing them to perform price comparisons, sorting of coupons and use their barcode scanner apps, but this is NOT the norm.  Most parents need to consider how to improve their shopping trip by keeping their children safe, planning ahead, and building up the child’s self-esteem. General Safety ... [ Read More ]

Maxed out moms need answers and compassion

previously published in The Kansas City Star newspaper on Saturday, 9/24/11 STACEY HATTON COMMENTARY I am one of those phone calls that every police dispatcher or DMV receptionist dreads picking up. “Ma’am, you want what?” Then I repeat my inane question in another fashion, hoping it will make sense a second time. It is at this point that I wonder whether using an exotic French accent or increasing my volume every other word would make a difference, but I usually talk myself out of that and politely ask to speak to a manager. However, the problem remains: My questions are serious, and according to the aforementioned departments, have never been asked before. So either I am moronic or, as I like to think, creatively wired. After my normal repartee with the phone ... [ Read More ]