Rebooting my Brain is first on Spring Cleaning List


Rebooting my Brain Necessary for Busy Parents

In my youth I had no problem remembering things. I knew every day after recess I could get a drink of water right after the class trip to the bathroom. Studying for tests was easy, I knew every kids name in my class, and in 0.23 seconds I could spout out which Girl Scout cookie was my favorite.

Yet over the years, my timing and efficiency have been going downhill. The expressions Momnesia, aging mind, or killed-too-many-brain-cells-in-college are definitely part of the equation. But I think there’s more to it.

As an adult who substantially changed her career three times, I know my mind is full. My brain was first filled with lines from play scripts and musicals, words to every song I performed, and important people and works of art in the entertainment industry.

Then I went to nursing school. Let me tell you, by the second semester my brain was at full capacity. Something had to give. Memorizing every part of the human body and understanding the mechanics of it was enough for a young, fresh brain to handle. But I was neither young, and was lacking in the fresh brain cell department.

Now that I’ve been working as a writer for the past six years, I’m maxed out. I can make it to the coffee pot in the morning, but I rarely call my own children by their right names, and never know what’s on the family calendar for the day.

According to a study, that I don’t have the brainpower or energy to understand, we supposedly use only 10% of our brains. But whoever is the senior level person in my division, I’m begging for the access code to unlock the other 90, so that one day I won’t be searching for another word for “sea monkey” and implode upon my laptop.

So sad about that writer gal. I heard she was struggling for another word for brine shrimp and the next thing you know, her head fell off!

The human body can easily be compared to a computer. The heart is the motherboard, your nervous system is the power source with pathways delivering energy, the liver is your trashcan or a dumping ground for waste, and the outbox is…well, you get it.

The brain, however, is comparable to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer. It controls everything regarding long-term memory. Once this is full, your computer becomes slow, sluggish or freezes. Sound familiar?

Try to add another drop of water into a fully soaked sponge. It’s not going to happen. Once it’s maxed out, no more new information can enter.

So do we buy another memory card? Do we need to re-boot to shock our brains back into tiptop shape? Or do we need to go through our files and delete the unimportant stuff?

I would personally like to delete some memories from my head, but unfortunately I don’t have the control to pick and choose what sticks in there or is thrown into the trashcan.

So now I’m a Hoarder of thoughts and facts. Always trying to save more information than I am accessed to hold. I need a good spring-cleaning to free up some room and hang an air freshener to get rid of the bad stuff.

I would like to pitch a reality television show, based on TLC’s Clean Sweep program. Psychologists would be there to help folks move the excess information in their brains, into piles of “trash it,” “sell it,” or “blog about it.” Maybe by doing a deep clean of our memory banks, we could have the freedom to start over with a fresh outlook on life.

And please don’t ask me to write the script for this show. I’ll have to delegate this one out.

I’m already booked solid.

 Do you have any tricks to keeping your brain feeling fresh? What rejuvenates you mentally?


Kids Wrecking My Perfect World

Three retro prime adult Caucasian females out on the town.When the munchkins were babies, I sought out friendships with other mothers in the neighborhood, at church, and…what am I talking about? I hardly had any friends with two girls only 14-months apart. Actually, if it weren’t for home videos, I wouldn’t remember being with my children, due to a severe case of Momnesia.

As my daughters attended preschool, my friendships changed again. Befriending other moms at their school and at the gym was my mode of finding other moms who understood what I was going through.

Are your kids learning their ABC’s yet?

Potty training is going to kill me or else I’ll end up on the nightly news!

Gah, my butt is still so HUGE!!

Since there were so few children in our neighborhood, and we were on a busy street where teenagers drag raced in front of our house, the Hubby and I decided it would be nice to live somewhere where we didn’t always have to worry about our young, active kids being used as speed bumps for the neighbor boys.

We found a wonderful neighborhood and house that met all of our criteria; plus, we had neighbors surrounding us who also had girls our kids’ ages. It was a dream come true.

Finally, I was able to meet an incredible group of women who I adored. They were smart, kind and made me laugh like a hyena/pig. I don’t care what you say, snorting is sexy.

And with a ring of our backyard cowbell, neighbor children would come running to join the Munchkins for outside fun. And of course since the moms needed to watch the children running amuck, a pre-dinner cocktail was usually in order to keep the moms hydrated.

We all believed that we would have this perfect life for ever – watching our kids grow up together and enjoying each other as much as we did. They had to, right? They were our kids and they should be exactly like us.

Several years of bliss passed by, then the strangest thing happened. Our children developed personalities. They decided they wanted to play with other children from their school.

“What? You want to play with wonderful neighbor girls, RIGHT!?”

I never thought they would drift apart. They couldn’t! I loved their mothers!!

But this is what is happening. They still enjoy each other occasionally, but they are growing up and developing outside relationships.

When asking them who they want at their birthday party, they have opinions – and dammit, I have to respect that and their choices. I can’t force who they want to be friends with. It’s a painful line of boundaries.

Unfortunately, our cocktail club is waining. We get together every once in awhile, but I do miss them and the fabulous world we had at the beginning.

Parental sacrifices, in the name of our children, suck. But that is what keeps our children trusting us and feeling like they are being protected.

Plus, I can sneak away and hang with my buds at the neighborhood Halloween party! NO KIDS ALLOWED!!

Is your life changing? Did you ever have to alter friendships to due to your kids?