Crazy Family, Bats in the Belfry, and an Endless Supply of Wine

When I was in grade school we lived across the street from a beautiful home, surrounded by a dense wooded area. The owner was an elderly widow; and since her children had grown and flown, she pretty much stayed to herself. However, once a year she would call my father and ask for help with her home. Just a little task called bat removal. It didn’t matter my father wasn’t in the extermination field. He was the business manager for a small film company, which I’m sure even back then didn’t qualify him to mess with possibly rabid creatures. He would have been better suited for processing paychecks for the flying creatures, but that wasn’t her request. “Lovie.” (This was the name she called everyone just in case his or her name slipped her memory.) “Lovie, I have a little bat ... [ Read More ]

A Perfect Princess Party is All the Child Needs

Nothing More, Nothing Less With my daughter’s fourth year approaching, all anyone heard for two months was her upcoming party, the presents she demanded, and the cake…oh, yes, the pink, pink cake!! As a first time mother, I didn’t have a clue how important these three things were; but fortunately, since she reminded me of her wants every 13 minutes, I was prepped. A young girl’s fourth birthday, in terms of life importance, is comparable to your first new car, Senior Prom, your wedding day, and the next series in the “Game of Thrones” series all tied into one. It’s that big.  Now our daughter’s party request was a surprise to my husband and I who thought our daughter was enough of a tomboy to barrel through the Princess phase unscathed, but boy, were we mistaken. If you have ... [ Read More ]