A Perfect Princess Party is All the Child Needs

Nothing More, Nothing Less With my daughter’s fourth year approaching, all anyone heard for two months was her upcoming party, the presents she demanded, and the cake…oh, yes, the pink, pink cake!! As a first time mother, I didn’t have a clue how important these three things were; but fortunately, since she reminded me of her wants every 13 minutes, I was prepped. A young girl’s fourth birthday, in terms of life importance, is comparable to your first new car, Senior Prom, your wedding day, and the next series in the “Game of Thrones” series all tied into one. It’s that big.  Now our daughter’s party request was a surprise to my husband and I who thought our daughter was enough of a tomboy to barrel through the Princess phase unscathed, but boy, were we mistaken. If you have ... [ Read More ]

This Pink Phase May Last Forever

Now I am going to say that my children are not out of the ordinary, unless you talk about their cuteness, intelligence, and goodness – I am their mother, after all.  BUT, I really don’t understand a young girl’s obsession with the color pink. It can be light pink, carnation pink, fuchsia, maroon, bubblegum pink, or mauve but it HAS to be pink.  Everything.  All of the clothes, the hair bows, headbands, watches, socks, underwear, shoes, wall color…you get the picture. I totally understand that some young girls find something they love and want to stick with it.  I loved Donny Osmond and that lasted a good couple of years, but the lust for the color pink can weigh much heavier.  Can someone explain this to me? Several times in college I became obsessed with pink; however, it was ... [ Read More ]