Sister Stop with the Teeth

This week at our house, we had one of our first drag out MONDO sister fights between my two daughters.  Yes, they have fought over toys, they have tiff-ed over snacks, and argued over outfits; but this was the biggest one so far.  So what brought it on you ask…?  THE BOOK FAIR.  Yes, my darling, loving children who are bestest of the bestest friends, took advantage of their pacifist mother while she collected the last of her tomatoes from the garden and my sweet little monkeys had a knock down brawl over a BOOK! Nary did me as a child even dream of fighting over a book.  A Barbie corvette, yes!  But a literary bound piece of work?  “No way, Jose (or Dora, as it were)!” Apparently, my youngest has some pent up jealously over who is getting what lately and since Munchkin #1 was proud to ... [ Read More ]

Prayers for Local Pediatrician

As a humorist, I can usually find the "funny" in about anything.  However, this is a difficult time to find material when all everyone wants and needs to do is to aid the people of Haiti.  The earthquake last week deeply saddened my heart and photos in the media have made it impossible to ignore.  Which is finally a good thing! However, as I sit down to write this posting, my heart is pained on a personal note.   This morning the Kansas City Star ran a front page article on the disappearance of  Dr. Frank Vaughters, a beloved Kansas City pediatrician who was doing mission work in Haiti at the time of the earthquake.  No one has heard from him since.  Even though I only worked with him briefly as a home health nurse, his compassion and love of his job shined through the phone when I ... [ Read More ]