Professional Teeth Whitening at Home Works

smilebrilliant(This is a sponsored post by the fabulous folks at Smile Brilliant! Even though I was given the products in return for this critique, I am shooting straight from the hip and offering you my true opinion as always.)

Many years ago, after I had kids and sleep became an optional sport; I decided to treat myself to something nice. One day when waiting for my dental hygienist to return to the room after x-rays, I bided my time by reading wall literature.

Next to the sign warning me not to swish with a certain brand of mouthwash because it might turn my teeth purple…or black – can’t remember the details due to the sleep deprivation – was my answer to pampering this disheveled new mom.

Teeth whitening!

I got the information, talked it over with my husband (I think) and signed up to get molds of my teeth made the next week so I could remove the caffeinated beverage stains off my pearly un-whites. The price was outrageously high, somewhere over $300; but after birthing two children 14 months apart, I felt I needed something nice for me.

After scheduling and re-scheduling because it’s hard to manage 2 babies and a calendar, I finally got a sitter so I could get my molds made. The trays were ginormous and the molding material filled up my mouth like the foam crack sealer you use to seal out pests in your basement. If I had any gag reflex problem, the hygienist would have needed more than a swish and spit basin.

I had to wait several weeks before my whitening trays arrived at the dentist office, where I had to return to pick up my supplies. I was tickled pink to be able to whiten my teeth from 50 shades of off-gray to a smile that would turn heads.

After using my whitening trays nightly for a few weeks, a tooth sensitivity which I had never before experienced occurred. My teeth were sensitive to everything but air. Unless there was a cold biting wind, then that was awful too.

Needless to say, I am not a pain-seeking kind of gal, so I gave up with my whitening project– although I hoped I would get back to it when the girls were a bit older.

Six years later, I got an email from Smile Brilliant! asking me if I would like to try their product and write about it. Free teeth whitening?! You betcha.


But then I remembered why I had stopped using the whitening kit I had purchased so many years before. It hurt like the Dickens!

Oh, Charles! Do layeth off my teeth of yesteryear.

When I mentioned this to the Smile Brilliant! folks, they said they had a desensitizing gel that would prevent the painful feelings. I was wary of their claim that I wouldn’t have a problem, but I’m a warrior. Or cheap and vain.

I obviously agreed to try it, and not only am I pleased with the results, but as a recluse who rarely leaves her computer, this was easy peasy! No trip to the dentist. No gag reflex. And I could do it naked. I didn’t…but I could have if I wanted.

First I made the molds of my teeth.

It took maybe 15 minutes total. They give you an extra tray just in case you rush through it and don’t read the instructions thoroughly. So glad I didn’t do anything THAT stupid! Mmmh…

Then you send the molds back in the envelope they provide for you. In less than a week, I had the casts of my teeth and a full whitening and desensitizing kit.

Smile Brilliant! claims:

Dramatic results usually come in 5 to 6 days. We recommend that the initial teeth whitening process be continued for 12 consecutive days.
I used both gels and noticed a substantial difference than the first time I had tried to whiten my teeth and my sensitivity was greatly reduced by the desensitizing gel if I used it each time prior to the whitening trays.


I’m not saying everyone will have the same results, but it was an overall success for me.

Mostly because…
– I was able to do it from the comfort of my home.
– It was almost half the price of the dental office procedure.
– Didn’t have to get a sitter.
– It works as effectively whitening as the dentist’s office.
-You can do it naked. If you so desire.

Here’s a video of theirs which will cover any details I may have left out.

Also, their website is quite informative and they have staff who you can e-chat with you regarding the products 24/7. They really make it user friendly and convenient for the customer.

I’d love to hear about any whitening experiences you have. What products have you used and did they do the trick?