Time to Get Your Love a Wooden Watch


(This post is sponsored by JORD watches. I received a watch from them in return for my honest feedback. I cannot and will not be swayed by jewelry.)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and once again I’m unprepared. It sneaks up on me every year and I’m lucky if I get my hubby a card. (Note to self, add buying a card on my to-do list.)

I blame my laziness weariness on Christmas. That whole 2-month festival wears me out. By February, I’m certainly not wanting to lift a finger to hit my Amazon-1-Click button. If it weren’t for the munchkins asking me what I want for my birthday, which is a couple days before, then I’d never get the job done and have to make up a last minute gift.

Hello Dear, could I interest you in a lovely home-cooked meal or some romantic laundered clothing? A Skinny Cow ice-cream sandwich, perhaps?

Yeah, it gets all heated up at the Hattons!

Several months ago, during the whirlwind winter season of excessive retail, I was propositioned by a man in the jewelry business. Despite previous comments, I am a happily married woman. But Ladies, when this happens, you must stop and listen because…

Jewelry! Am I right?!

Thankfully, this gentleman was working for JORD watches. Never heard of it? Me neither, but let me tell you this line is unique and breathtakingly beautiful. I honestly have never seen anything like it.

They sell wooden watches. Wooden. Wrist. Watches! Why I neh-vah!

JORD’s website says they use several types of “natural and sustainably sourced wood” when crafting their watches: including maple, sandalwood, bamboo, blackwood, and cherry. They use only 100% natural wood and refrain from the use of toxic chemicals to either treat or protect the wood. Not only do they sell women’s watches, but they have a cool line of men’s watches too.

I went with the maple and it’s gorgeous. It’s light weight, has smooth edges and a natural looking finish so it isn’t all shiny, but elegant. This watch is extremely comfortable and I feel like I’m wearing Scrabble tiles caressing my wrist. It’s just another reminder to pull out my phone and play Words With Friends. Not that I have a problem with it.

I wanted to have beautiful photos of my watch, but my nails are of the brittle persuasion, and was feeling insecure about my mannish wrist. So I “hired” a semi-professional hand model for the photo shoot of my new watch. Actually, a couple of the neighborhood gals voted on who had the nicest hands and possibly a manicure that wasn’t chipped. She drew the short straw, but now she can put hand-model on her resume. You’re welcome!

Work it Hand Model, work it.

Work it Hand Model, work it.

I’m allergic to nickel, which is added to most silver, so metal clasps give me a bit of hesitation, but JORD uses stainless steel clasps, to avoid many metal sensitivities. Of course if you are allergic to stainless steel, you might need to have a sundial carved for your wrist.

Since wood is porous, the watch could be more prone to dirt and oil. But they have a recipe for cleaning and protecting your gorgeous timepiece.

This company is out of St. Louis, but they DO ship internationally, for all you folks across the pond. Each watch is shipped to the customer “within 24 hours via 1-3 day priority shipping through USPS.” If the watch you want is out of stock, they will notify you in a day.

So if you have a loved one who has EVERYTHING, this is the perfect gift for him or her. It will be the gift that no one has and is quite the conversation starter.

To learn more about JORD watches, head to www.woodwatches.com.


Prenatal Chiropractor Speeds up Labor and Reduces Painful Labor


Even though this is a sponsored post, all of my opinions and bad jokes are my own.

Last year when Jen, from the blog People I Want to Punch in the Throat, and I were hosting a book signing in Kansas City; I met the sunshiniest gal. Not only did this human light source make me feel better while briefly talking to her, but she told me about her job, where she can daily provide support and understanding for her patients.

PLUS, her name is Dr. Shine!! Coincidence? I think.not.

Dr. Kezia Shine, is a prenatal and womens’ health Chiropractor. As a registered nurse, I was surprised I had never heard of this specialty. However, there are several other practices in KC who do the same thing. I can only assume they don’t provide as much love and sincerity as this gal.

Align, Chiropractic Care for Babies and Mommies, was established in 2010 by Dr. Shine. This was immediately after she graduated from chiropractic school.

Prior to this career, this charismatic woman struggled to find her calling. (I sure can’t relate to this, since I change my career every ten years!) She was doing outside corporate sales and “selling pagers when pagers were cool.” But this work wasn’t satisfying.

Then she experienced the event which forever changed her life: a drunk driver hit her vehicle, causing her to fracture her pelvis. I’ve always believed that monumental changes and clarity in a person’s life came out of tragedy.

Now her practice is thriving. She partners with Dr. Brandi, who is a pediatric Chiropractor, specializing in neurosensory disorders like ADD, autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, slow developers, and kids with food sensitivities.

When I spoke with her recently, I asked Dr. Shine what her favorite part of her job was. She didn’t hesitate to say, “Hanging out with the moms. I feel like I’m giving them the VIP treatment. So many of them are emotional due to their pain, but I leave every day feeling fulfilled that I’m helping people.”

No wonder she’s so joyful. Her job sounds incredibly rewarding!

The doctor said that it is common practice for many pediatric chiropractors to treat three times a week. But she doesn’t feel this is good practice.

“Typically I see the moms following their OB appointments,” she said. “A normal appointment is 20 minutes, where I work on tissue and ligament exercises.”

Apparently, she can help the moms have “super fast labor” where their “pain is decreased. She also helps these women relieve sciatic pain and constipation and claims she can help women with infertility.

So if you are a pregnant woman or know of any woman, struggling with any of these issues, you should consider coming to her practice. I can’t promise that all of your problems will be fixed, but one thing I know is you will get tender-loving care, a good listener and a strong shoulder to cry on.

Check out Align on their website and on Facebook.

Have you ever gone to a chiropractor and/or would you consider going when you were pregnant? Also, what are your thoughts on pediatric adjustments? I’d love to discuss this!


My Dream Home isn’t Pink and Plastic

(This post was sponsored by The Blogger Collective)

Last Christmas, Santa brought my daughter the new and fabulous Barbie Dream House. A far cry from the one my back yard neighbor had, but the excitement was comparable.

Not only does the 2013 version have a working elevator and doorbell, it has so many new features from when I was playing with everything pink and plastic.

The kitchen has a recycling bin, a blender that makes noise and an oven light. I remember my friends having a stove, fridge and sink and we were lucky if the doors stayed on.

The TV that is in the living room can change back and forth from two channels. Right now it is a manual change, but I foresee Mattel going to a remote version in the near future.

Apparently, having one elevator in your home is just above poverty level because Barbie classed it up and has a closet elevator. You don’t know what that is? Oh, you silly, silly monkey! It’s a secret elevator that takes your clothes from your closet down to the bathroom. Barbie always puts her dirty clothes back on the elevator to return to the closet, but Ken never seems to do this.

The most idyllic place in the Dream Home is the bathroom. Barbie’s pink toilet makes a flushing noise, a hair dryer makes such a realistic noise you could be fooled the kids are playing with yours, and each time Barbie is in the shower her voice can be heard singing like a crazed fool.

The only thing missing is a bidet where water would shoot up Barbie’s tush and then blow it nice and dry. However, I’m glad the Dream Home isn’t hooked up to water yet. A few years back our Barbie had an unfortunate water accident. It was tragic!

So I got to thinking, when I was seven what did I think was a dream house? What amenities would my grownup house have? I’m fairly certain I wanted more than one bathroom, a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves covering every inch of wall surface, and a recording studio.

When I was in college living in apartments, my dreams had changed substantially and all I wanted was a working icemaker in the refrigerator, a garage with an opener and to live on a beach in Florida.

The home I live in now, doesn’t have a hand-painted Etsy entry way sign, saying I found my dream home in Fort Lauderdale. Nope. I am nowhere near an ocean, but my Midwestern home is comfortable for a family of four and has 3 ½ baths!!

I would have thought my house was a castle when I was a child. Even though there is no elevator, no library, nor recording studio.

But my kids’ bookshelves, which are tethered to the walls so the kids won’t climb on them and be crushed when they topple over, are brimming with wonderful stories. The absence of an elevator, leaves a beautiful staircase that I can decorate with pine boughs and lights at Christmas and place stuffed animal bunnies on each stair for Easter. And the recording studio is much better served as a room with a piano, our guitars and comfy chairs to sit in and enjoy each other’s music.

What has made my house a Dream House? My family.

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The Great Medical Scrub Contest by Uniform Advantage

Calling all Nurses who like free stuff!!!                 (Is that an oxymoron?)

Don’t worry your capless head, we don’t want your urine sample for analysis (UA).

This is a certified “too-legit-to-quit” contest with the GRAND PRIZE being… (drum roll, Dr. Scholl)

A FREE – yes, that’s right. A FREE – $25.00 gift card for SCRUBS from my dear friends at Uniform Advantage (UA)  for TWO Nurse Mommy readers!  (Okay, I’ve never met them, but they’re giving away free scrubs, so they have to be good peeps.) Can I hear 50 shades of Hey?!

All you have to do is give up your first child and sign over your next 10 (ten) paychecks to “Nurse Mommy”…KIDDING!  I said FREE, do you have a problem with that?  Don’t make a liar out of the nurse, they’ll revoke my license!

So Ladies and Gents, come check out Uniform Advantage’s website and their new products!  They have a line called “Butter-Soft Scrubs.”  Nurses have been known to be caught skipping down hallways rubbing their soft scrubs and quietly muttering, “Mmmh, these scrubs are like buttah!”**

**This line of scrubs promises to not add calories or increase your BMI for the wearer of the uniform.





  1. Please just mention why you like or dislike butter in the comment section of the Nurse Mommy Laughs website.
  2. Two winners will be drawn next week by Dr. Scholl (my assistant) and announced at that time. 
    Good luck and happy buttery thoughts!

~ Nurse Mommy

(this post was sponsored by Uniform Advantage; however, all opinions are mine)



Just when you start thinkin’, “Enough with the car seat talk!!!” a freebie contest starts, well, yesterday, for a FREE CAR SEAT!!  Woo hoo! If one of you wins, I want to hear about it! ~ Nurse Mommy

AAP News Release

For immediate release

HealthyChildren.org, the official American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Web site for parents, offers registered users a chance to win a free car seat courtesy of Safety 1st in the Safe Ride Sweeps.

Registered users may enter once a day beginning March 21, 2011 through March 31, 2011. Five winners will be selected daily. Winners will be notified in April 2011 and may choose an infant, convertible, or booster seat as their prize.

Parents can find important information about the proper use of car seats in Car Safety Seats: Information for Families. This HealthyChildren.org article has been updated to reflect the new AAP policy that recommends children remain rear-facing until age 2, or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat. It also advises that most children will need to ride in a belt-positioning booster seat until they have reached 4 feet 9 inches tall and are between 8 and 12 years of age. For more information about the new AAP policy statement, visit the Hot Topics news area on HealthyChildren.org.

For more information, contact the AAP Department of Communications at 847-434-7877 or commun@aap.org.

(Source:  American Academy of Pediatrics, March 21, 2011.)