Lookey, Ma I’m on the TV

This morning I actually got OUT of bed BEFORE the hubby. He looked so shocked and a bit scared by my bright, smiling face as he was just awaking.

What is she doing with real clothes on…and makeup? Who died?!

Then you could see on his face he remembered I was to appear on Kansas City LIVE! with three other fabulous bloggers to discuss kids, motherhood, and children going back to school.

Julie from “Bug Bytes,” Sherry from “Snarky in the Suburbs,” and Paige from “There’s More Where That Came From.”

The show was full of laughs, lights and hairy pancakes!

Apparently, before our segment the other guests were trying to adopt a pack of dogs and Chris Cakes was flipping pancakes around the studio. Good times.

So here is my “Who passed gas on the set?” face, to start off the segment. (I prefer to look like this so I get better throughout the taping.)

Snarky, wake that girl up!

Snarky, wake that girl up!

KANSAS CITY LIVE! (August 20, 2013)

If you enjoyed us, please let the folks at KC LIVE know here! Mentioning names is acceptable.


Your Cicada is touching my Locust


There is something in the Midwest that for some ridiculous reason is not taught to children in the schools.  Proper bug lingo.  Most people know a spider from a bee, and don’t be rolling your eyes, if you are really into bugs and say a spider is an arachnid…I know!  I’m just making a point here.

The major issue at hand is the cicada, locust, grasshopper debacle.  NO ONE can properly identify these and I am here today to teach all of you parents what is what, so you stop sounding like hillbillies, when I know you to be the brilliant, edu-ma-cated parents you are. (Don’t worry, I won’t expect you to touch one or heaven forbid pick up a cicada shell, but you will know parts and be prepared for the pop quiz at the end of the video.)


Jiminy Cricket, although his name sounds like he could be a cricket, is not that at all. I like to think my medical nurse/former musical theatre performer/humorist opinion would be correct in stating that dreaming insect far more resembles a grasshopper.  These insects have long strong legs which make them jump very far and high.

A Grasshopper is also a yummy green ice cream adult beverage (I can personally vouch for these), which uses Crème de Menthe and some other alcohol.  These Grasshoppers do not make you jump as far and high, whether you think you do or not.


According to Websters-New World Dictionary, the definition of a locust is, “any various large grasshoppers, often traveling in great swarms and destroying nearly all vegetation in areas visited.”

Soooooo, if you have one “locust” in your yard, you DON’T!  Unless, it got lost from the pack which devastated your subdivisions potted cherry tomato patio plants.  Cicadas are not locusts and vice versa.


These are the bugs that everyone is talking about during the summertime.  They are loud at night – sometimes keeping everyone except your drunken narcoleptic grandfather awake.  They also like to fly during the day at people’s heads.  If a quickening helicopter sound is grazing your skull, it could be a cicada.

Another sign of cicadas in your neighborhood, are their “skins” or “shells” that they leave behind.  They are brown, translucent and stick to the sides of trees and the backs of squeamish friends. Children have a tendency to collect them in the summer and scare anyone who is afraid of these creepy looking exoskeletons.  It’s what makes the summer heat tolerable.

I would like to finish with this last definition of a cicada from Mr. Webster before turning you over to the video. A cidada is “a large flylike homopteran insect with transparent wings; the males make a loud shrill sound by vibrating a special ORGAN on its undersurface.”

And THAT, my friends…is why the cicada is now my favorite insect! Let’s turn our attention to the video…

(Watching a cicada come out of his shell in our backyard…please don’t listen to the bossy women telling the children to be quiet so that we could get a great video!  Parenting at its best…)