KC Lives Mommy Panel Chats about Easter and Kids

Several readers have requested that I post the videos of my monthly appearances on morning television. I think they might be drunk or just trying to get on my good side, but I hate to disappoint my parents, so here is this month's show. Today I had the great pleasure of joining the talented and funny moms, Snarky in the Suburbs and Paige Kellerman, on Kansas City Live!(KSHB-TV) to dish about Easter and how we will manage the great sugar rush without injuries. ... [ Read More ]

Lookey, Ma I’m on the TV

Snarky, wake that girl up!

This morning I actually got OUT of bed BEFORE the hubby. He looked so shocked and a bit scared by my bright, smiling face as he was just awaking. What is she doing with real clothes on...and makeup? Who died?! Then you could see on his face he remembered I was to appear on Kansas City LIVE! with three other fabulous bloggers to discuss kids, motherhood, and children going back to school. Julie from "Bug Bytes," Sherry from "Snarky in the Suburbs," and Paige from "There's More Where ... [ Read More ]

Your Cicada is touching my Locust

Grasshopper on a flower

  There is something in the Midwest that for some ridiculous reason is not taught to children in the schools.  Proper bug lingo.  Most people know a spider from a bee, and don’t be rolling your eyes, if you are really into bugs and say a spider is an arachnid…I know!  I’m just making a point here. The major issue at hand is the cicada, locust, grasshopper debacle.  NO ONE can properly identify these and I am here today to teach all of you parents what is what, so you stop sounding ... [ Read More ]

The REAL JT and Yo Yo Ma

If the first thing you don't hear this morning is laughter, I hope the next is this... enjoy! ~ Nurse Mommy "Oh, how I loves me some James Taylor..." Stacey Hatton Feb. 2012 ... [ Read More ]

Health Education Videos on YouTube

Children's Mercy Family Health Partners (FHP) has created two video channels on YouTube with health education videos.  One in English and the second for Spanish speaking families. Recently, they have produced two videos providing education on autism featuring an interview with Dr. Farrell Weiers of the Family First Center for Autism and Child Development in North Kansas City, Missouri. The first video is called “What Is Autism?” and the second is “What Is PDD?”. They also just ... [ Read More ]