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KC Live’s! Mommy Panel Chats about Easter and Kids

Several readers have requested that I post the videos of my monthly appearances on morning television. I think they might be drunk or just trying to get on my good side, but I hate to disappoint my parents, so here is this month’s show.

Today I had the great pleasure of joining the talented and funny moms, Snarky in the Suburbs and Paige Kellerman,
on Kansas City Live!(KSHB-TV) to dish about Easter and how we will manage the great sugar rush without injuries.

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Mommy Panel on KC Live! Chats About Surviving Spring Break

Snarky in the Suburbs, Paige Kellerman and I are joined again to laugh about how we plan to survive Spring Break with kids.

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“The Suburban Wino” and Nurse Mommy V-log: Tie one on or Dye

The Suburban Wino is one of my workout buds and when she asked me to be on her video, I said, “Hellz NO!!” But then she agreed to watch my kids when we couldn’t find a sitter for a wedding we were going to, so I changed my tune real quick. Hence, here I am on this here video.

Plus, it sounded like a good time and wine was involved, Twenty Bench (Cabernet). The Suburban Wino has been running her tie dye business for a year now and does functions for groups, teaching them how to make fun creations. She has taught Girl Scout groups how to tie dye, but she doesn’t bring the wine for those events. She’s classy that way.

Here is the professional with the dyes and her friend the smart ass. (Guess which one I am!)

She has other educational tie dye videos on YouTube, demonstrating various techniques. Check it out and tie one on!!

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Our Kitten is Crazy and Fits in Just Fine!

As many of you may know, life at our house is chock full of surprises.

Like when we go to the animal shelter for one kitten and fell desperately in love with two, so then we HAD to bring home two stinkin’ adorable kittens! Of course, we found out the next week that the kitty our daughters love more than life and Cheezits, is not only sick in the old gut and crapping yuckemerole all over my new carpet, but this projectile-pooper is prone to head injuries as well, but won’t sit still enough to wear a tiny helmet.

Dot.Dot.Dot. We had to take that one back. Lots of tears. LOTS of screaming in my face. Oh, the rage when you take away a little girl’s kitten. Now PETA peeps don’t send me hate letters, my kids already are taking care of that.

I’m not taking crap from a little kitten, so why would I take it in form of an email?

Bottom line: we are down to one kitten. Cali, the Calico. We called her that because we got her the week we got home from California and had promised our Munchkins a kitten when we got back from that vacation. Also, when we got to the pound, that was the name on her name tag.

So Cali at the time, in comparison to Jazzy who took a swan dive off a one story landing the first day in our home, seemed fairly normal. A little skittish, but since the Munchkins are mine, they are…what do you call it?


So the poor kitten ran away and hid every time my daughters and their friends came running full speed and yelling her name.

I mean I love it when the kids do that to me – why shouldn’t a baby cat, who is new to our home just settle into that?

One habit Cali had at the beginning, was at night when my hubby was watching TV, the kitty would climb up on this red fuzzy blanket and lick it to death. I mean for 15-20 minutes without stopping. We thought it was odd, but she wasn’t hurting anyone.

Who knew…maybe she had also fallen off the landing when we weren’t looking!

This continued for weeks and Cali would just purr and lick until the blanket was drenched. I mentioned it to the Vet, and she said the cat probably had been weaned too early from her mama and was still suckling.

Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Da poor baby! So cute…

UNTIL, after about two weeks of this blanket soaking she decided she would rather be on my lap whilst I work on my laptop. Talk about a distraction. It’s kinda hard to focus with something sitting on your lap and making sucking noises.

Just to make this more clear for you all, is Cali in action:

Let’s just say it has been a month and Cali won’t stop sucking on my clothing.

Every night.

Oh, Lordy! We got some crazy cats in da hood! But I’m not getting rid of this one. I’m afraid the Munchkins would oft me in my sleep.

Have you had a pet do anything weird like this? A dog doing something every day that won’t stop?
Tell me about it either in the comments or on my Facebook page. I’d love hearing your stories.

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Lookey, Ma – I’m on the T.V.!!

This morning I actually got OUT of bed BEFORE the hubby. He looked so shocked and a bit scared by my bright, smiling face as he was just awaking.

What is she doing with real clothes on…and makeup? Who died?!

Then you could see on his face he remembered I was to appear on Kansas City LIVE! with three other fabulous bloggers to discuss kids, motherhood, and children going back to school.

Julie from “Bug Bytes,” Sherry from “Snarky in the Suburbs,” and Paige from “There’s More Where That Came From.”

The show was full of laughs, lights and hairy pancakes!

Apparently, before our segment the other guests were trying to adopt a pack of dogs and Chris Cakes was flipping pancakes around the studio. Good times.

So here is my “Who passed gas on the set?” face, to start off the segment. (I prefer to look like this so I get better throughout the taping.)

KANSAS CITY LIVE! (August 20, 2013)

If you enjoyed us, please let the folks at KC LIVE know here! Mentioning names is acceptable.

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